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Unwanted guest

Unwanted guest

Trying to molest

The happiness of our home

Cause my dude wouldnt let you give him dome

So now you wont leave per our request

You lie and slander and live care free

But i promise the courts cant protect you from me

Your getting evicted regardless you oozing little worm

You acted like a friend and i saw you right from the start

Your kind of filth makes me sick

And you can go suck a fat dick just not my dudes

So go back where you came from you worthess pile of dirt

Shit stuck to my shoe dragging it over the welcome mat

You live for free and it kills me to think
That this is even real a restraining order
Has my dude removed from his own house as you cower like a mouse

You think your so smart but your nothing but a fart

A stinky wet shit bag that needs to burp

A fucking sad little twirp a blip on a screen heat through my scope

I see that i am just venting but really im never forgettìng

These lies and webs you ve spun are really you grasping at straws

Cause to every lawtheres a loophole a releasing clause

That traps the ugly and ignorant just like you thère will be a time of judgement

And this round of life gave you many obstacles because your black soul is tainted
Revolting in your course and you are a waste of air taking up space that is meant for a human
But your wide set lizard glassy eyes glistening with the slime of satan
You were even disregarded by your mamma a failed abortion it would seem
.you werent welcome in this house you werent worth all these words
But what you are is a heapp of terds you deserve every horrid thing god has planned for you  cause the law of this land isnt the only one in which you will pay
Worthless and conniving disgusting peice of shit in life you try hard and thentheres people like you that suck and live for free off every taxpayer and me
You really think that all this is a joke  well we will see who laughs last you or me
You unwanted guest an unflushable fucking terd to you i wont apologize cause i meant every fucking word
Written by diablia363 (Alisha Ranstrom)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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