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Flip Flops

Scene: Jenna is sitting on my couch waiting for my daughter to come home. She's 19, blond, tanned, wearing a a floral printed summer dress Her legs are crossed and she's wearing a pair of flip flops. She is impatiently wiggling her foot making her flip flop bounce up and down.

So what year of college are you in?
(don't make it so fucking obvious you're watching her foot)

I'm a sophomore.

Oh, that's right. You like living away from home?
(dear god I'd be on the floor licking your feet and
sucking your toes if I could get away with it)

It's all right. It's better than the first year.

Yeah, that first year is tough.
(i'd run my tongue up your legs and
back down again like you were a lollipop)

I gained almost five pounds that first year.

You'd never know it.
(your ass looks as tight as ever)

I work out a lot.

Your folks must be happy to have you home.
(i'm dying to lift your dress and see your panties.
i'd pull them down with my teeth)

I guess. They're not used to me being home.

Well, that's normal.
(i'd pull your panties down and lick and suck your sweet
pussy until you screamed. my tongue would run up and down
your lips and inside of you. my tongue tip would flick on
your clit and then i'd suck and nibble it)

They repainted my room.

I guess they wanted to make it nice for you.
(i'd lift that dress off of you and suck on your nipples.
i bet you have such nice hard nipples)

They moved all of my things.

They meant well, I'm sure.
(my cock would look so nice in your mouth. i'd want you to
lick it and suck it while you looked up at me with those big
eyes of yours)

I thought that was just them being crazy.

Well, parents are allowed to be crazy.
(i'd want you to show me your pussy. open your legs all the
way and show me that little thing)

Well, my parents are sure crazy.

It's a hard time for some people.
(turn over and show me your tight ass. push back so I can get
a good look at your pussy too)

I thought they'd learn to relax.

No, some people just don't ever relax.
(i'd hold your legs apart by your ankles and stick
my cock in you. i'd ram you till my balls slapped
your ass)

I think they're moving to Florida.

I think I heard them saying that too.
(i'd turn you around and fuck you doggy. i'd fuck you all over
this house. i'd fuck you standing up against the wall)

I'm not going there.

Where's that?


It's not for everybody.
(i'd want to pull my cock out of your pussy wet with your juices and have you suck and lick it off then I'd come in your mouth)

Well, I better get going. I don't think she's coming.

Yeah, you better go.

It was nice talking to you.

Same here.
Written by RickCortez1
Published | Edited 26th Aug 2011
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