Red Handed: Part I

I waited up for you last night.
With eyes open wide.
Trying to convince myself  that
you had nothing to hide.
Trying to convince myself you
weren't out doing wrong.
But here it is 2 am and you
haven't made it home.

My pillow whispered softly
that everything is cool,
My car keys said sharply,
'Don't be a damn fool.-
What about that time you
found make up on his shirt?
A ride around town couldn't possibly hurt.'

2 shots of Jack Daniels
A Newport cigarette.
Cruising the streets in my candy Red Corvette.
I dried my eyes, no time for tears.
Preparing my heart for my deepest fear.

I went to your mama's, and you weren't there. Your cousins said they hadn't seen you anywhere. I wanted to just go home, lay down and forget...until I saw your car parked at Motel 6.

I told the desk clerk your name
 and asked for a key, and I told her,
"That's my husband. He's waiting for me."

Three floors up and three doors down...
The hallway is spinning around and around. I feel the vibration of your movement,and I can hear your sexual sounds.

I slowly unlocked and opened the door,
What in the world did I do that for?
You were sweating and sexing a woman who was clearly nothing but a whore.

Her legs were wrapped around you as
you gave her my dick. My hands went numb, I felt like I was going to be sick.

You sucked her neck and breast
while delivering your cock. I was frozen in place from so much shock.

She was shaking and shivering and
ready to cum, you beat her pussy just
 like a drum.

She moaned and screamed as she reached
her pulled out raw and nutted
on the sheets.

I eased out of the room, careful
not to be seen, this had to be some
type of dream. I ran to the Candy Red Corvette, and fled the crime scene.

What the fck did I just see?
The man I love...betraying me?
This whole time,have you been playing me?
While you've been eating and sleeping and staying with me??
How could this be?
We took a vow....but certainly the vows meant nothing now.

The thought of you touching her
made me cringe...I knew then, that
I wanted revenge...I thought the tears would never end...until I thought about your best friend.

More handsome and more successful
than you...hopefully he was more well endowed too.

I pulled up to his house, and called his
phone..he answered, I said softly,
"Are you home alone?"

He said, "'s the middle of the night...
Where is your husband, is everything alright?"

"Im sorry to wake you, everything is fine,
my husband is the last thing on my mind.
I have something I'd like you to see,if you'll
just open the door for me..."

He opened the door and sat on the couch and said, "ok, tell me what this is about..."
I started to unbutton my blouse and put my finger against his mouth.

"If you don't tell, I won't tell..."
The print in his shorts began to swell.
He stood up as I bared my breast,
I ran my fingers up his chest.

He wiped a teardrop from my eye,and no longer needed to wonder why.
He picked me up, "I got you", he said...
and took me upstairs to his bed...

Written by LovelySoul89
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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