`Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind[s] of JohnnyBlaze & Co*

Before an aide-memoire existed, there was poetic form;
oral transmission through  
ancient civilization:  

The preservation of priceless  
Tradition and familiar Lore  
containing Ancestral secrets;
ways of Life otherwise lost  
amidst generations of the World:

Hundreds of centuries  
have long set sail since  
'The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor'  
crash-landed upon the annals  
of cultural and literary History  
2500 years before the Christian era.  

From this resting place of Beginning  
would return Armadas of Word bearing  
all languages from the four corners  
of the Earth  

Captained by well-seasoned Poets  
charged with the preservation  
of priceless Poetic forms.  

Various hybrids were conceived  
retracing the journey by sailors on leave,
born of wayward affairs of the Heart  
upon islands of Crete  
and other foreign countries.  

Sired by Captains of Sonnets,  
First Mates of Meter  
and deckhands of Rhyme,  
they were rejected by traditionalists  
as bastards only to become  
the Masters of Modernistic  
and Confessional Verse.  

Throughout evolving generations,  
Death after Death of physical existence  
from poverty and disease manifested,  
until only an epitaphed lineage  
of Legacy remained in Words.  

( For there is no money in Poetry  
for the living sea of humanity. )

And the dying Poet vows ( again )  
from his deathbed to a True Love,  
"I'll come back a rich man  
next time around, I promise;  
give you all you deserve."

While the Poem sits by his side  
loyally, unable to imagine  
having more than they have now.  

Because a Poet isn't of flesh  
nor bone, nor of only one mind unto himself,
but a flowing Consciousness of Blood;  
and Blood is a Life unto itself
that neither be directed nor controlled.  

But, rather, controls the course  
of its own fate to those worthy few.  
Nor does it forget, or fail  
to find its way back home.  

Even if the Poet were to pay Charon  
across the River Styx  
that his memory to be erased  
before each new Life,  
his Blood would boil and lunge  
upon meeting her star in season  
a million miles from Origin  
Rhyme, or Reason.  

He would lose his Heart to Love
all over again, and die destitute  
penning of her demure coquetry,  

When face-to-face in the presence
Of pure Poetry.  

* MaryWalker, PsycoticMastermind, Magnetron, and Anarchitect  
Entered in the "DUP Gentlemen Appreciation Week".
Written by Ahavati
Published | Edited 24th Apr 2017
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