Summers Out

Summers out of school
Hooping the park
Acting like some fools
Living works of art
In the days where it was cool to speak on subjects of the heart

Verse 1
Yo, blowing cartridges playing Contra
With bigger brother
Why canít we go back to that I wonder?
But then the lesson
Is anything built upon a foundation
Cracked beneath the surface
Is destined to burst asunder
So moving on
Remember the times when Now and Later
Painted tongues sprung bronze nothings
Just ducklings a break of dawn
Imitating wrestling maneuvers until mother calls you
To withdraw or so it behooves you
Miniature contradictions
Polite nice silent type like to listen
But call me a punk chump
Iíd consume you
We used to joke around clowning to the vaguest humor
Beef occasionally but I never catered to the rumors
Just living life it wasnít always nice
But shit it made us strong
Torn undergarments and worn shoes Iím putting on
Ready for school
Bell ringing recreating with the best of my dudes
Got a letter from a cutie pie
Saying Iím the flyest guy put a check inside
If Iím feeling her too
I replied inscribing in the provided box
Caught her when our lines crossed
Slipped the note to her in silence
Guess we a couple now after school the violence
But thatís an afterthought I got a girlfriend
Cannot recall the conversations on the phone when
We talked constantly the simpler times
A microcosm of society is that all in my mind, shit

Summers out of school
Chilling after dark
Laughing like a fool
Living works of art
In the days where it was cool to speak on subjects from the heart

Verse 2
Yeah, my interest switched from short stories and poems to music
I took all the rage and sadness inside and infused it
With eloquent speech delivered at a melodic beat
Made a vow to be a lyrical beast never retreat
Those teenage years before my direction was clear
I started distancing myself from the rest of my peers
A seldom few I would hang with
When the game switched
Females on drama, niggas the same gang shit
Still a couple were cool
Late night pizza chilling, Playstation
Speaking on what lady they digging
On the phone with mine later when the meeting was ending
She fingering to my beating ainít no need for pretending
Shit it might be kids listening what message Iím sending
Damn, just reminiscing on them older times
Borderline nostalgia adore the kind corral you
Enjoy the mind-state beepers cassette tapes
Grapes wasnít genetically modified
But shit they couldíve lied I guess
Was times really better then or they just hide it best?
Releasing nano-monitors into your sinuses
Clock ticking matter of time before they silence us
Who the fuck Iím kidding no way that they can quiet this
The way the vivid energy spits when the rhythm kicks
Artistic emissions where other dimensions exist
A place Iím glad to say I found when I was just a child
Soldier, grown warrior now and I rep it proud

Living by one rule
Finish what you start
Getting ridiculed
For making works of art
In these days where it ainít cool to speak on subjects of the heart

Verse 3
Yeah, fast forward from my adolescence to the present
Doing a little better now still thereíre parts of me stressing
Is spitting a restrictive prison or infinite blessing, Iím guessing
Both one in the same just perspective really
Donít even listen to rap no more the lyrics is silly
I ventured more into a funk vibe
Neo soul low tide let the beat ride just glide freely
Fuck the fronting I ainít stunting Iím just tryna be the
Man Iím capable of, Iím learning to love
Myself despite my many faults
Staying true to my path despite whatever it costs
Head high walking blind this land of the lost
Bled rhymes fed signs but most of them false
Iím at a cross-road
Written by konphlicted
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