for those with woe

sometimes itís just chemistry
ph levels and dopamine
a rush of rain overflowing into our streets
unable to find its way back to the canal
caught as a puddle
till the hot sun frees it to the air
sometimes itís a choice
a switch we forget to flip
itís binary
i choose dark today because it goes with my blouse
but the sundress is on the couch
thrown from the last romp
right where we left it to go chase frowns
sometimes the artificial need for meaning
for the crossword to magically come together
creates tension
of what is and what can never be
but narratives are just words on a string
arranged in a sequence for today
spill them on the floor
and theyíll never be again
what they were yesterday
by accident or choice
some are bold
and some behold
a spinning wheel landing on a paper map
did i spin too hard?
or too i a mouse?
where is my hidden tiger
to help me roar away my fear?
it is often
already whispering in your ear
but all of it
all of this
all of that
all of now
and all of then
and even tomorrow that has never been
are only moments
tsunamis and orange horizons
that pass
again and again
the channel will change
sometimes on itís own
and change will always come
today and tomorrow
wake up to a breath
say yes
and sometimes no
but let your noís be only a left over right
until you choose right
and leave left
for the birds
they hungry too
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