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Simpler Times

- Simpler Times -

Simpler times; dost thou know what they were?
Which era in all of history wast ever so simple!
I hath walked so many, in forms reincarnating...
And with many who touted wisdom, didst confer.
I found no simplicity in town, forest or temple...
Only my will, undiminished and ever resonating.
Today, too many fools think they know the way,
But they art lost in a maelstrom full of delusion.
They speak lies, and feed them unto the masses!
The blind follow, and in deepest shadows stay...
And the world is thrown into greatest confusion.
Where is the simplicity as time even yet passes?
Follow thy heart first, and damn those in power.
In the heart lies wisdom and the gates of truth...
Open them with an open mind, and behold well!
Liberation begins within, and comes in its' hour.
With thunder, with glory, even out of the blue...
Bringing heavenly splendor, even to every hell.

It finds it's beginnings with words penned fully,
With a yearning to see change and to bring joy.
Such things thou wilt not find in mad politics...
Where wisdom is lost, and words become silly.
Rulers treat peoples' lives like a discarded toy!
Follow thy heart, and be not fooled by tricks...
Let me be a beacon for thee, a teacher of sorts,
Whose lessons bring peace that begins at once.
My compassion reaches out, eternally seeking!
Wilt thou be found, and be granted a comfort?
Do not be sad, but listen unto my words thus...
So that thy strength shalt not be so weakening!
Only the dead canst do naught, so in life hark,
Until thine ear hears what I shalt speak next...
Be strong, be wise, be knowing and stand tall!
Many out there wilt deceive with lies so dark,
That they call them truths with each cruel act.
Soar above it all, even if this planet shalt fall!

Simpler times; they come only when readied!
Thou canst not demand them, nor pray idly...
And expect that a golden age shalt be granted.
Thou must fight, thou must stand, even bleed,
For what thou dost believe in; to remain free!
Follow not blindly, embrace what is wanted...
Become a symbol, as I hath, and be eternal...
So that even should all the stars become cold,
Thy spirit shalt burn hotly, and shame the sun!
I am a hybrid of the heavenly and the infernal.
Be not afraid, but let thy spirit be newly bold,
So that thou art ready when all hath so begun.
History moves on, and naught is ever simple...
But times change swift, and we canst change.
We must wish to, and we must desire it truly!
Become divine; let all creation be our temple.
Let thyself be beautiful, let thyself be strange,
Until at last, nigh is come our perfect destiny!

Blessed Be!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Karam L. Parveen-Ashton)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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