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The dream

Last night i dreamt that i was getting ready for your birthday only to be kidnapped by two masked men, you weren't with me you was at your home in Spanish town. They brought me to this abandoned building where another masked person came out and told them "go get the other". The voice didn't sound like anyone I know. Then i was seeing when a car pulled up to your house and Malcolm got out. He shouted your name twice and your brother Kevin came out. He beckoned for you and you came out Malcolm said something to you and you was running back inside when another person who was wearing a mask came out the car they both grabbed you and put something over your nose to knock you out. Kevin was peeking and saw when it happened so he ran out and Malcom told him not to worry and gave him a card and a photograph, suddenly Kevin was calm but still had a look of suspense. Next i saw when Malcom was telling you that in order to save me you have to help them rob a boutique because they know of it as a place to wash money, you wanted proof whether I was alive or not and they video call a number and i showed up on the screen bruised,  i was telling you not to do anything and i got a smack across my face then the call ended. You were furious at this point so you agreed to do as they say. They handed you a gun and stopped at this boutique... mind you were the only one that wasn't went in and held up the store manager and apologized then demand all the cash she had and instantly she started crying and pointed in the back, you pulled her and went in the back, there you saw the two duffle bags Malcolm and the other guy told you about. You called them to come collect it then locked the store manager in the back and left.

When you got in the car you demanded to know where i was and turned the gun on Malcolm he said shoot because he won't be telling you because you have another job to do. You pulled the trigger but nothing they both laughed and said 'hang tight you'll see your sadamite gyal soon enough'. You started asking Malcolm why is he doing this because you thought he was your friend, he responded by saying him don't friend homosexuals him kill them.
     The car stopped at the same abandoned building beside another car the driver of the car you were in revealed his face and it was my brother he said 'have fun' then they both bolted into the other car and sped off. I came running out limping with my hands tied behind me, duct tape on my mouth and tears running down my bruised face. You instantly untied me and removed the tape and held me so tight and said 'I got you'. You placed me in the car and sped off with intention to see the other car. I started laughing and said 'Bubah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, calm down IT'S A PRANK'. You sank down on the brake and said 'WTF really'. I got out the car and signal you to open the trunk when you did it was the two duffle bags one filled with cash and the other was clothes and shoes for us 😂😂. You was in shock and said 'but the store, Malcolm, Monique who was that other guy?' I said it was my brother and you laughed then said you have to call home I said yeah you should, I handed you my phone that was taped inside my thighs and you shook your head and dialed your mother she didn't sound worried she was laughing as well and said 'are you okay?'. You asked if she was in on it and she said not at all she got a photo of the guys who took you and was expecting this call because the card said 'Monique Douglas is secretly surprising Sherese for her birthday so if you don't hear from her within 6 hours call the police and give them this note and photograph'. After you hung up you held me and kissed me so deep i almost couldn't breathe that's when I woke up.

Weird dream huh...i should really stop eating late then go to bed.  
Written by Asani
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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