Children of a mad woman

We are the children of a mad woman,
just look at what we've become,
we drink and smoke and say we don't care,
we try so hard to run away from our pasts,
but there is still so much anger there,
the anger is the only thing that lasts,
the damage done and the price it cost,
the broken dreams and the innocence lost,
we all had to go our separate ways,
to live to fight another day,
she couldn't even see us through school,
and now she acts like she never knew,
she plays the victim for everyone,
If they only knew what she'd really done,
she layed to waist six lives so young,
the first didn't make it, but what's done is done,
the oldest three were boys with hair quite long,
she grabbed them up and went on the run,
she didn't worry about how they'd eat,
who could hurt them or where they'd sleep,
she treated them like her property,
until it came time for her to flee,
they were rescued when the law came knocking,
a story that on its own is quite shocking,
but then there were the younger two, daughters this time with different fathers too,
their time came later on,
when she saw their womanhood start to dawn,
she used them up like a paper roll,
and then left when they refused to be controlled,
the pieces of a family distorted by our disfunctionality,
scattered in the winds of time,
waiting for us to clear our minds,
to come back to reality,
and build a future with our own destiny,
we all went through hell and back,
and no one shielded us from the attack, and even now that times have changed, and we've moved on to better things,
we're all still trapped in this abyss darkness,
loving a woman that is heartless,
a mother who raised us for her own selfishness,
and then abandoned her children through carelessness,
but now the tables have turned,
she's grown older,
and wants what we have earned,
and when we give her the cold shoulder,
a twinge of guilt creeps in on us,
until we remember how she took advantage of us,
how she drained us of emotion,
and taught us to trust no one,
hardened us by being week,
set us up for a life so bleak,
and every once in a while,
the trauma hits us,
and again we become that little child,
looking to our mother,
wondering why she didn't protect us,
it seems we will never recover,
we will live with the injustice,
afraid to make her pay,
knowing she won't be around some day,
living our lives in pain forever,
trying to be there for each other,
walking the line between victim and perpetrator,
and all the while she's the greatest instigator,
looking to us to fix all her troubles,
after she left us in the wreckage and rubble,
our lives torn apart before they could even start,
if God and karma exist,
then she must be on thier list,
and so my brothers and sister I advise,
the best way to get back at her is to keep on living our lives.
Written by SRE_crowsclaw
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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