The meaning in life

She told me she dreamed in poetry for me
she didn't tell me she dreamed of her future with me
She told me I underestimated
How many nights of never ending cuddles
And loving back rubs after hard days at work
And countless greasy take away dinners
Would blossom from the bed we first shared together

She never told me
That I would pour my naked soul into her waiting hands for her to hold like a figment of heaven
To caress and kiss, nurture and treasure
Then place back inside my shell again
bursting with light it had never known before

She told me of the stories
That would echo off the walls of any room we shared and so they did
but she never told me the greatest story I would ever hear
the one that was told in just four syllables slipped so softly from her lips
They dropped
And fell into my waiting parched ears
I under stand

She understands me
Down to my bones
Without looking she knows what rests inside my eyes
But I need a mirror

She understands that I can't talk about the dreams I have because I'm too scared of introducing them into reality
She understands that since she was introduced into my world it has become a new place

One filled with endless new possibilities
Because she is there to hold my hopes and throw them to the sky to fly free where they belong instead of in the coop of my pessimism where I held them caged for lifetime
Upon lifetime

She is there to convince me when I can't convince myself that I deserve to be loved
She is there to look into my eyes when I can't face myself and tell me in a voice dripping with earnest care that the face I'm too afraid to show the world is a face the
world is a darker place for not knowing
She is there

To smile on bad days
and to tell me to make my own damn tea and make her a cup too while I'm at it
But that's only on the good days

She is there

Full of love
And a mirror that either shows me the man I always strived to be or the man I never dreamed I could be

She stands holding it out for me to see
telling me how to stand so I can be the truest reflection of a celestial me
One who knows without doubt his calling
one who lives and loves without doubt
Who never gives his fear a darkened heart or closed mind in which to thrive
One who knows what it means to be truly one

And I know it seems that this is poem is simply about me
That's because in every way I care to count, she is the better of me
Especially In understanding

So when she sees the way my eyes see her
She remembers again what it truly means to be her
The axis of the earth
The purity of rain
The promise of rebirth

She is better than I at understanding
So when she can't remember
I promise to show her true worth
Love, life and happiness
not just existence
While my lips remember the shape of loving words
and while my eyes still remember the warmth of hers

That is what I will give her
Written by DystopianMelody
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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