Quiet Supplication

Problematic antics
causing symptomatic fanatics
Torturous silence grew tantric
Now this mountainous build up is starting to slip
I was vibin tough,
Thinking tainted thoughts just a lil too rough,
The amount of my mental space occupied was just a tad to much,
See....addiction runs in my blood,
that intellect had me constantly buzzed,
and I can tell the need to feed me was intensely getting to be to much....
I didn't want the attachment knowing there could be no action, matter how I try to shake it,
It stays lurking.....
like it was meant for me to take it,
Dominate it.....
Lay it out,
spread it wide,
devour whole......
not just taste it

Far from tasteless,
Flavors are endless
This silent romance
is a thrones game of poetic fame,
Fortune and tame...
lines can't be the same,
Writing till our wheels fall off,
And even then I'll be using my feet
like Im living back at flinstone rock,
Rocking that old school,
Before we knew jewels....
Was just the knowledge
that we carry in our noggin and....
Hold up,
there's something I gotta drop.....

It was bothersome
that I let the vibe magnetize to a point
I was setting aside time
Going out of the way....alarms set...
to wake these heavy eyes,
to hear that alto tone vibrate through the harp strings of my audio chords

But when our set aside time came,
there was a silent accord
And I was met with nothing on my broken winged flight
So....I fell back....not out of spite
But weariness that I was growing this flower bed of fondness
And possibly missing those weeds
Ya know...them ones that creep close to the ground
so they can stretch to the root,
feed off all them nutrients and lounge....


Yet....I continue to be amazed by the games our silence plays
The birthed wisdom in our years with lessons learned in poetic waves
of sense to commence,
reciprocity of our difference in pen...
To say I'm not drawn to you,
would be a lie to the goddess hibernating within
I never stop feeling your thoughts
The clouds and stars carry them across
And caress my cortex in lyrics soft
with fluency,
High voltage of electromagnetic frequencies

I know what it is you want me to do,
I've heard and listened to the inner being that flows through.....
The demand for attentiveness,
and only after the chase do you show any aggressiveness....
because that is a part of you
It has blinded the obvious stature,
That I mirror that very same nature....
And pride has me snickering,
as I see the public beauty of
the others emotions...realizing I'm not alone in my draw to you...
Putting together the other affected notes,
Expressions laid out  as magnetized feminine whole....

hence the imbalance to this spectacular combination of kindred souls,
With the only ying and yang,
Being our estro-testost-er-otic zones...
Mirrored spirits in balance of both genders,
Dual desires of mental touches so tender.....

Never physically looking in these oceanic blues,
Closing our eyes, you see me...I see you...
Staring deep into my soul,
In depths never looked into before...
Daring me to open that door......
Almost daring to plead.....
Something, despite our years in between,
that we both direly need
like air to breathe
to not fulfill would be a disgrace to the universes planted seed

I feel the whispers of your fingertips as the words sweat from their pores....
Appreciation now churning to a greed for more....
Here...I'm handing you my sapphire keys....
To unlock the door
I so heavily crave to be opened for me
Now open it,
and show me more
Written by Lyrical_Aptitude
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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