'Bubble Laugh'  [from 'CyberBaby 2']

I thought that I should wash away the troubles of the day
Quickly stripped and into the shower to let the water play
With eyes closed and relaxing fast I felt the warming blast
And dreamt of all the things that I was missing from the past  
Present crept up and turned the power down to a trickle
Soft soap was put in my hand and she suggested a tickle
I so carefully soaped her soft velvety front, from tip to toe
Easily turned her around and caressed her back nice n’ slow  
She gently raised her so beautiful face to mine and kissed
Me perfectly on the lips saying that I was greatly missed
Now I could feel her delicate breasts and nipples firmer
On my chest low, as I stroked her back, so she did murmur  
Dearest Darling love of my life I also feel something pressed
I span her around until I could feel her back close to my breast
Her breaths grew rapid and taut with ripples hard and firm
And she rotated her cute rump until I did mentally squirm  
But this is about love and time and lots of space to grow
With desire, but not to possess quite so soon, hands went low
With soft love and soap so fine, I gently stroked her bower
So that a moan grew on her lips, I’d found her sweet flower  
Which blossomed and grew at my touch so that I felt blest
With a power that made her grown and, later, she confessed
That she had two waves or spasm that blew her mind away
In the shower we spent our time, learning that love is play  
After a timeless age the water old, started to run much too cool
We both rinsed and slipped away to let our deep love unspool
Bodies glowed both hot and firm, as I kissed her from tip to toe
    She was my idea of beauty itself and how much you won’t know  
Remembering a poem, my tongue found a warmer wetter place
She wriggled and twisted with delight on her dear Angel’s face
Never ending waves of deep sweet love, clearly had both found
Before she pushed me on my back, and my firmness unwound
As she gently lowered herself onto my undying love n’ passion
She was in charge all right as she bounced breaths and potion
‘I‘ve never ridden a Unicorn before’ she hissed through breath
That was coming fast as she brought us close to heavens width  
But before she could leave me alone tired and spent of all love
I quickly flipped her on her back and put her hand on her trove
Saying, remember when you were to a young woman growing
And sweetly, that there was a pleasure you found just knowing  
That you could stroke yourself in a special way to make a spasm
Well show me just how, so that I you can bring to high orgasm
She quickly slipped her moist gentle digits to stroke her flower
At the same time I put my hand over hers to learn this power  
That any soft self-loving lady has especially after a warm rinse
And the start of play that makes the day of her dearest Prince
After a second or two I took my hands her breaths to caress
Realised that she had her eyes tightly closed, quite careless  
Her hips rose and fell to the rhythm of loves distant sea swell
And screams seemed to be for both she and I, at times spell
With God’s good grace I did join hotly in the race and lay on
One of the most wondrous clouds of warmth love and emotion.
Written by SuiGen (Terry)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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