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Cradling The Future

Onyx hair entered my domain,
her mahogany irises
leaped onto me,
tapping my eyelids.
Their form of kissing with eye contact.

I had put my index finger under her chin,
raising her face up to mine,
to match the elegance.

She held my hand,
I held her soul,
her eyes tried to escape the atmosphere.
I entrapped them with my tone.

She shuddered my name.
"I've only been with a few,
but I feel scared in a good way."
My voice undressed her insecurities.
"Let me comatose your anxiety into my spine."

Amber lips had entered the stage,
fingertips swirling on her bottom lip;
feeding her attention.

Her perfume do-si-do onto my nostrils.
A cinnamon complexion that aches away imperfection.
I Grabbed her grey shirt with my plush plump ruby lips,
pulling away her memories.

A silk coal bra captured my attention.
She had put her left hand on her bra strap,
attempting to remove it.
She had bitten her bottom lip.
"Is this what you want?"
Her words were angelic fingers
stroking the harp of amorousness.

"I want you to be my emotional motionless manikin."
Her body locked into place.
My tongue tapped her collar bone
with a massaging rhythm.

I felt her body pulsating.
Each pulse intensified,
one after another.
My tongue, the 2" paint brush.
Her nerves, the canvas.
I surveyed her locks,
unhinging her suffering.

The curl at the end of her hair,
became the talons that perched onto my shoulders.
She swirled her cocoa fingertips upon my back,
painting her vision onto her landscape.

Her indigo jeans loosened,
curvaceous thighs glistening,
like morning dew on fresh cut grass.
She slipped into violet lingerie.
Her left foot slid in,
my right hand held her ass,
to keep her balanced, as she
connected the other.

My eyes were petrified, and are
rendered to stone by her beauty.
She sculpted away the unwanted,
and designed what was needed onto my

I ran my left middle finger
down the arch of her back.
Then, I glided my cuticle up
to her neck, to rest.

She tried to smile, but my kiss
stole her moment.

Those brunette eyes had sold me a contract.
My heart was the parchment, her tears was
the ink. I grabbed her right index finger,
and signed it, and it stated:

"I will always love you."
Our lips touched, like the sun
that teases your eyes with its
warmth in the morning.

I tugged on her tongue
with my scarlet lips.
She pulled back,
and then tapped the tip of my tongue
with hers. They began to waltz,
as our shadows became the audience.

As we're kissing, her hands became a
lost kid within a maze, within my hair.

Our eyes intertwined,
and then began to project
our future into one another.
I pried my lips open,
my voice escaped
into her ears.

"I never thought I'd find you."
Her eyes glimmered the hands that
were holding her back.
She leans forward, and her voice
lingers into my ears.
"I never thought this could be a reality."
I cradled our misery away, and began to
build memories, as we swayed left and right.
Written by Manley_Pointer
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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