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Tasting a new, and killing the old

Uncapped her insecurities with my teeth,  
loosened her shirt with my crimson lips.  
I stared blankly into her pupils,  
having my presence dress her in provocative decorum.
She attempted to speak,  
my fingertips dismissed its liveliness.  
My breath trickles down her neck,  
exploring her spinal cord.  
My tongue collected the goosebumps
that flickered onto my canvas.
I felt her body convulsing,  
at the thought of being touched even further,  
"R e l a x, I own you".  
Her eyes wrought nervousness,  
my hands created a boundary she enjoyed.  
My angelic hands removed her ebony pants.  
Her grey panties come into play.
I smiled at the innocence.  
I'm here to break in a new woman,  
but keep a great soul intact".  
"May I touch you?"  
"Give me your index finger."  
"Yes sir."
I ran her finger through my lips up and down,  
slowly captivating their buoyancy.
Her eyes glimmered my face,  
my eyes glimmered her desires.  
The passion burns away at her feet.  
"I'm the disease that crept into her nostrils,  
the plague that enters her ear canals,  
the aroma that lays dormant on her body,  
an aura that elates dead flowers."
"Give me your hand."  
I slid her fingertips through my hair.  
Her smile invoked joy.  
I laid her head in my lap,  
and I stroked away her conviction.  
"Sir, I've been lying down,  
staring onto the planes  
of individuality for a while now.  
Most use me, judge me, or hurt me,  
you however help me.  
I am forevermore in your debt."  
"Silence, you're a human that has natural urges  
and deficiencies like everyone else.  
A mere woman tormented by the mainstream."
Her left middle finger enters my mouth.  
I cradled her misery into me.  
"It's okay." A tear escaped her tear duct,  
my tongue snatched the emotion.
I rested my back on the bed.  
Her hands went to touch my belt buckle.  
I removed her hand, "patience,  
and suspense means more elation."  
"Yes sir." My onyx boxers are discovered.  
I let her hands excavate my longings.  
Her fingertips greeted the shaft in a slow motion.  
A smile cracks my face.  
"You like this?"  
"Talking is wasting energy."
She swirled her hands around the tip.  
Gyrating me and feeling me expand into her palms.  
I leaned into her left ear. "How does it feel? How do I feel?"  
Her lips are trembling,  
I tapped them to void the jittering.  
Her cherry rose pedal lips are on the tip.  
"Slide more of me into you."  
Her jaw has me encased into her spacious throat.  
Feeling her fingers rub my confidence into her.  
She laid her eyes on me like a greeting card.  
My left palm met your head,  
I thrust-ed slowly into that venturous mouth of hers.
I can feel her drool touch my balls  
and cause a river of ecstasy.  
I took it out of those caged lips.  
I rubbed it over the rim of those ruby lips.  
She goes to grab it. I grabbed her hands,  
"There's plenty to swallow, wait."  
I slid it onto her spine,  
generating more neurological signs  
with this adventurous tip.  
Swirling it on the outer layer of that needy ass.
I let it get soft, then I slowly injected myself into her.  
Letting each impalement expand me further into that body.  
She looked back at me.  
I turn her head and had my hand in her mouth.  
I pulled her arms back, as I went in deeper.  
She moaned out her stress.  
I inserted some of my cum into her ass.  
The rest is for that innocent mouth  
that desires these dirty incantations.
Written by Manley_Pointer
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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