Topsy Kretts (Part I)

If you play this game, you are destined to lose.
Because when we play, its by my rules.

Hidden like a needle in a hay stack, hidden like a grain of salt in a sand dune.
A forked tongue hidden behind the cheeky smile of this man who...
...makes promises and statements that tickle ears.
This man who says words that would make people wait years...
...for him to take action. He will do it, of that they are sure.
If only they knew what happened behind closed doors.

The plots, the schemes, the cusses under breath.
The meetings with your beloved, a little death.
The gossip, the murmurs, you're gonna get back stabbed.
What he sees is what he gets, all that he has is everything you once had.
He's gonna chew you up, spit you out, step on you.
But what he does all depends on what you do.

Do me wrong, do me right, I'll let you choose.
Choose if you want to win or if you want to lose.
Just pardon my imperfection, I forgot the golden rule.
Long lost the habit to play anyone for a fool.
But silence still bothers my conscience at times.
Refuse to confess yet send out all the right signs.
All the right clues, to lead to all the right perceptions.
But still no one can understand, discern my intentions.

The sun gives its light and heat to the earth in accurately sufficient proportions.
But to the rest of the seven planets gives either promotions or demotions.
Mercury and Venus are scorched, don't even have companions to follow them.
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have plenty, but are too cold to welcome them.

There were three Suns in my solar system.
One real, one imaginary, and one of honorable mention.
There had been the same number of planets.
But poorly coordinated, I didn't plan it.
All having the same effects, coming from that true one.
But inversely scorched and frozen by the other sun.
Because they were just balls of gas, ice or dirt.
But only those 7 cause there was the other honorable mention dedicated to that one Earth.
And it will remain the one as long as it rotates every year perfectly.
As long as it doesn't stray and get hit by asteroids in the galaxy.

In my story, there have been so many, so many before.
Dark tunnels, bright lights, opened and closed doors.
I should tell them, I should tell you, so that I can bring it all to an end.
It may be granted, but the only forgiveness will be to pretend.
Even if I tell you that dirty little secret.
You will not forgive me, but I will forget...
...You and those others. Thing is I've pretty much forgotten already.
I don't take anything back, I'll do it all again, all of that made me...
What I am today, what I will be tomorrow, is a result of what I did yesterday.
And yesterday is yesterday, gone, forgotten and past, the present swept it away.
Even though that hurt me more than it hurt you.
The scars are long heeled, no regrets, that's true.
After what she did to me, what I did to her?
Non, non, je ne pleurerai pas.
Written by KP23
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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