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Midnight Seduction

Sleep and then  
I awake in the lost hours of  
Early morning or late late night
In the warm intimate darkness
Your body's perfume blends
With mine and our mingled
Juices. Your gentle breathing
Faint movements as you sleep
Rouse me slowly languidly  
I touch you soft skin,
You murmur softly in your  
Sleep and settle into your
Dream state.  
I start to drift off again peaceful  
The throaty growl of a passing
Harley, it's owner drunk with
Lust. for power, for speed  
For a distant woman
Jerks me awake. You roll
Closer to me, hip brushing  
Against me, rounded buttock
Close,  warm and irresistible.  
I softly trace the roundness
Following the soft curve
To where it ends in your
Warm wet enticing vice
My fingers rest there
Feeling warmth humid
Warmth.  Temptation
Triumphs. I ease a finger  
Deeper into your warm wet
Cleft and pause, waiting
You sigh,. shift softly. Your
Legs part slightly inviting
Further exploration  Ingress
Another finger,  a bit more  
Pressure on your sleeping slit
Gentle movement, up down
Soft and rhythmic. Enticing
Slowly wetness starts.
Fingers slide across parting
Lips. Unnoticed by me your
Legs have parted, knees  
Pulled up. My finger finds your
Clit,  now wet with your dew.
My thumb slides into you
Clit gently caressed by
Curved forefinger.
You moan softly, pushing
Down against my hand
Rhythmic thrusting
Harsh breathing. Your body's  
Perfume fills the air. I lust to
Mount you now, now, now. My
Patience is soon rewarded.
You grab my cock with hand
Shaking with your desire
"Bastard." you laugh
"Do it now. Fuck me now."
I slide across and kneel
Between your legs, cock in  
Hand, I lift your broad hips
And slide into you. A flurry
Of thrusts and I am deep in
You.. I pause and in that
Pause you cum, moaning
Softly into you pillow. You
Thrust back hard, your hips
Grinding against me. My
Control slips and you
Drag me with you into
Orgasm. We shudder and
Gasp together
As our breathing eases we
Drift entwined back to
Written by ThePiper
Published | Edited 24th Feb 2017
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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