My world is constantly spinning.
Never stopping so I can take a breath.
Itís like a carousel ride always going in the same direction.
I have the urge to jump off and not look back.
What happens to me if I do?
Will I love my new life, or simply be haunted by the one I left behind me?
If I could just stop and breath even for a moment I might be okay.
Instead I am spinning faster and faster until I am suffocating.
Everyone on the ride with me is laughing and smiling, and all I want to do is scream.
How are they enjoying this ride so much when all it does is cause me constant pain?
The ride begins to slow and a new person joins.
Everything speeds up again, and I have made my choice to jump off.
I donít care where I land as long as it isnít here anymore.
The new passenger sits beside me and barely brushes against my side,
and I have a brief moment of air pass my lips.
For a moment it doesnít hurt as bad.
The ride goes faster and I start to slip off, the passenger grabs my hand and pulls me back from the edge and suddenly I can catch my breath.
When the passenger is near me I can breath and itís the most wonderful feeling.
The ride begins to slow down, and I begin to enjoy every turn and spin.
With the passenger by my side I donít want to jump off anymore.
I want to see what every turn has in store for me.
I want to ride the carousel until the very end and get my moneyís worth for the ride.
Written by brokenyetstrong
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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