[ Stephen King inspired ] Be My Guest

---escape into a fictional world  
and a rather easy getaway at that  
though the hard irony is  
that such make-believe realities  
are the most difficult situations  
to extract oneself from  
A bystander with a crowbar  
pulling you from an auto wreck  
out in the middle of Nowhere  
seems a more likely outcome  
when too engrossed
to mark chapter's end  
lay the book aside for now  
on the coffee table and resume
daily life with all of its heartbreaks  
but just as your fogged brain is clearing  
the leading lover of that novelty romance  
uses her powers of persuasion
to sweep you off those aching feet  
lay your weary body on a downy bed  
fill your stubborn mule pig head  
again with sweet nothings lulling  
as each spoon fed capsule  
soothes the burning fragments  
until the embered pain  
is extinguished in a snowbank  
along the main road to success  
less travelled these days  
You can't outrun the miseries of life  
with fast cars and expensive champagnes    
The hardest lesson learned is that  
drying out requires a more  
head on approach  
preferably with a sledgehammer    
However, a typewriter will suffice  
provided you have  
tomach enough to kill off  
once upon a time cherished characters  
standing between the wheelchair  
and getting back on those feet;  
more importantly, the resolve  
---enough to strike the match  
torch the manuscript of your old life  
before shoving its flaming pages  
down the throat of your  
number one fan  
Written by JohnnyBlaze
Published | Edited 5th Aug 2020
Author's Note
inspired by Stephen King's "Misery"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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