I'd like to look through your eyes and see all you saw
All the things about me that caused your strange thoughts
You never told me what I did or didn't do
So I want to look at things from your view
Would I side with you and agree that I appear too imperfect and unfit?
Would I see that letting me love you and you loving me had no benefit
Or would I stand strong and stick to knowing that you're wrong
That the assumption that I'd hurt you is logically flawed
You never looked at me for me and who I was
Instead you saw me through lenses of paranoid delusion
Eyes seeing only what they wanted to
Creations designed by you
To make me into someone unlovable
Who would never be enough at all
Because your desires were bigger
So you had to pull the trigger
You thought I'd tear your world apart
And damage your heart
Much like what you did to me
It's pretty funny to think about actually
You turned my image into a reflection of your actions
Yet you became what I never would have
I always knew what I wanted exactly
And it had everything to do with us both being happy
But I was alone and that's the real answer
To the question of if it ever mattered
To you it really didn't
That's truly where we were different
Still I wish that someone told you that you were wrong
So very wrong about me all along
A trusted friend who could see my authenticity so much
Who called you on bad decisions you made in love
A random stranger who saw who I am from the beginning
Who spoke to that part of you that was never really listening
An enemy that saw I wouldn't have hurt you in a purposeful way
An acquaintance that knew I would keep your heart safe
A piece of music that spoke to good intentions I had
A quote on a page to make you realize all you didn't understand
Anyone, anything that could deliver the message
Send it in a way that was truly effective
I know every voice is more powerful than mine
I couldn't get through to you even if I tried
Unreceptive to my words, instant decline
But I wish something or someone somewhere could penetrate your mind
To stimulate your consciousness and access that inner voice
The one to help you see that you made a messed up choice
To let go of love when it hadn't turned to apathy or hate
To decide a life of pain was guaranteed sealed in fate
To say that you were doing it to be noble and selfless
To pretend it was partly for me when in truth it was purely selfish
To refuse help from a hand that had your best interest in its touch
To willingly let softness slip that may have guided you through the rough
To tell someone who deeply felt that they never inspired trust
     And weren't worth anymore to you than a fluffy good time rush

For the record I'd never been seen with such darkness before
That's probably why the idea just shook me to the core
I remain in disbelief that someone really had that view
But now I honestly wonder if the problem is you
I've reflected on those who'd come and gone in my life
Those who entered and stayed and those passing through the night
And even my greatest rivals never painted me in that kind of light
Still I'm sure you insist that you were right, always right
But you're really not
Your pride lies to you and only you can make it stop
You didn't stay long enough to truly get to know me and you're 100% wrong
I don't think you wanted to love someone who could love you, that's why it's gone
It was my mistake for thinking that you did
If I had known I wouldn't have bothered to give
I thought I was cherished when I had no value
Turns out I was 100% wrong too
Written by WoundedHeart
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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