The well

I must share with you my latest discovery.This fresh new information isnt for the faint of heart, the meek, the weak, the dainty. In the deepest darkest corner of my mind-I stumbled across something quite deadly-the utmost harrowing find.  A well; quite old, black-looking unused and decrepit. Bravely I stepped to peek over the edge-my Lord! I wish I hadn't!  It willed me to gaze upon it.  I cursed its wicked deception. For when I looked down at the midnight black muck-terror seized my heart as something unholy straight from the bowels of hell rose up.
In one hand a mighty sword and the other a bloody scythe;  screaming my name-my sanity it was trying to claim.
For a moment I was stuck at that spot-frozen with fear
I looked it straight in it's beaty red eyes...
Leaning forward I whispered in its rotting ear"Back to hell you foul,nasty beast-you have no power here-get outa my head, outa my face! Go now just be gone-disappear!  For I am the terror-the chaos-the storm-I alone claim this realm"
Slowly he lowered back down whence he came
As I turned and ran shaking and sweating with fright
I knew I had changed-never again would I get close to the well from which flows my ideas,my inspiration -my muse for creation.
The next time my demons and I do battle-a victory I cannot promise.
Sadly I may drown in my own personal hell -chocking on my pain.
My soul lost in the pit of damnnation.
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