Dead Dimensions

Fully redeemed inside the dreamscape
While under supreme weight
Regimes break, ravines take shape
My mental esteem shakes
Extreme case, it may take place
Where intricate faith withers
Shape shifters tried to escape with haste
Demons make chase quicker, wraiths shiver
From the climate arising a violet (purple)
Violent cataclysm pre-written within the silence
Must a prophet predict the imminent abyss arriving
When we ripping holes in the very sky that we relied in
They say the devil searches for souls itís those we providing
An endless supply of dying evicted from senseless lying
Crying ions into liquid
The signals prevented by the relentless meniscus
From disturbing the surface intentions
The vile defile virgins, inverting the serpentís prison
Converting verses written, in plain sight where truth is hidden
Myriad faÁade of demi-gods revolving the superstition
Involve dissolving religions devolving the intuition
Indoctrinated decisions intended to make incisions
Serving to further murder any and all acts of resistance
The media manufactures facts to distract attention
Extracting that inhibition that causes the intervention
Between becoming enlightened kings and queens or simply living
Being beings bringing beams of light to the plight of existence
Or cast into an unaware despair abysmal prison
Wondering without a care which propels this hell affliction
Is it my mission to regale, tell tales dispel this position?
Or is it I fail to listen, assailed by the dead dimensions
But such inquisitions are neglected and deemed irrelevant
Cash replaces intelligence as the prevalent element
And every since, the bloodshed commences hence
Dispense the pent frustration sensations until Iím spent
Repent and vent spirit awaken elation I represent
While some resent the elevation, escaping
I circumvent, any obstacles placed before me
A vision detailed, while many foretell the opposite story
I opt to concoct an allegory
For those who follow the flock Iím not in your category
Wonít stop although times are gory
And topple the lies before me
Inhibited by distributed waves throwing fits in this cage
Growing demented from venomous rays thatís inflicting the rage
Vague images pervade brains, causing sickness and pain
Invade occipital til all remains a particular strain
Insane villains attacking endocrine systems
A fraction of masses thatís actually feeling
Disastrous endings approaching, most hoping its rescinding
Or cope by pretending
Or vote for a finely tailored joke who spews dope from his throat
Pause several seconds for reflection
A moment for digestion I resume the introspection
The session looms as I consume the luminous selection
A cumulous collection proceeding the bleak complexion
A feasting beak picks bleeding meat at the peak of perfection
I try to speak but itís too deep leads to a sheepís rejection
Content to sleep as I seek progression to beat this oppression
Each lesson feeds essence the heat lessens, a brief convection
Divided minds reckless devising to reach acceptance
The signs materialize into weapons
Designed to neutralize and quantify the prime into sectors
Marginalized to spend their lives searching for why to the questions
Nothing is fair
And there is no escaping despair for the aware
Burdens manufacture shackles to bear, caught in the snare
Donít beg for mercy isnít it clear that no one cares
In these dead dimensions
Written by konphlicted
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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