I’m but human with no different thoughts but a head and ego so big I carry it in my eyes;
Oh yes I am a woman born a woman and lived a woman surely will die a woman;
Yes I do embrace the woman I was born,
the woman I grew into;
the woman i was forced to become;
the woman  I was made;
the woman I changed into and might in time be the woman I am meant to be
I am but a woman!

Ngiyintombi nga zalwa  ngumfazi,  ngokuhamba kwe sikhathi ngizoba umfazi, ngibe umama nami ngiqhubekise uhambo lomfazi,

The woman I am – went through many journeys,
some educational, lovely,
some painful some most exciting and some enough to make being a woman unenviable.
The woman I became embrace all aspects with all my might…

The woman I was born no care in the world,  
led by love and wanting to be loved I was raised,
like a delicate egg I was handled and never needing nothing from anyone but those that birthed me,
I know the meaning of love through my parents a love so unconditional,
a love so giving a love undivided I learnt love from a tether age;
oh yes I embrace love as a factor that led to the woman I became

The woman I grew into,
the experimental girl that wanted to experience everything in the world as a free spirit,
be anything in de world of multiculturalism;  
being extreme was a passion a source of great youth stimulation I grew I learnt to be a grown up  and at the same time learnt to accept injustice that led me to be the woman I became,  
yes I embrace growth as a part of factors leading me to the woman I became

As the years keep dragging on excitingly changing days into nights;
bringing with it changes to that which time has planted,
oh yes I was born, I grew, and yes as with all life,
The woman who loved, that puppy love yes
I became that woman that loved whole and heartedly, I loved returned the loved and enjoyed it…
from the puppy call me everyday love to the de damn I hate u love..
I contribute love to the woman I became…

I became bitter, resentful with time,
painful experienced transformed me into something or someone that can never attribute much joy to the woman I journey into journey of womanhood yes I became a mom temporarily I carried,
although I know not the joy of bringing a life into the world,
I was forced to become the woman who lost…
I embrace pain as an attribute to the woman I became….

There was a time when my world centred around a man,
I can without a lawyer present state under oath that I literally gave my self to him undeservedly against the better judgement of my elders I  was very stoic set on achieving what he wanted and forgetting everything I was taught and raised to be…
not that it deterred me from living I lived and I learned and I vowed never  to put myself second to any man.
The co-habiting partner or woman I was made into attributes her life to the woman she will become….

A woman is a special being.
Her neck for forgiveness surpasses any other positive aspects to her.
Like the famous rock, I fell, I cried, dusted myself and picked myself up and changed to what I am today.  
At 34 I can honestly say I know who I am and I know the direction I want my life to take,
my powerful will and strength and pride will harness me and led me the direction I’m set for.
I have changed and I contribute change in my life to the woman I became..

The Queen I’m set to be, oh yes make no mistake about it I am a Queen in the making,
she knows her strength and will use them,
she understands her weakness and will shield them from scavengers,  
she can without fail say that love has to matter to both parties in the love game and will never sell herself short or stoop to please undeserving sources,
her highness understands that she is beautiful beyond measures both inside and outside and the life she will live with expanse her being,
magnify her knowledge and empower those around her to greatness.

All these attributes, facts, contributions and future expanses much too exorbitant to mention are but a foundation of the woman i will become.

Queencess Mabatha
Written by Queencess
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