Delicate Penchant

Like hot wax was encased over it,
My heart formed a hard sheath
Soft enough to be scraped off and unveil the warm tunnels of energy running through my veins
I feed on the envy of life's gains
In hopes that my intensity remains
the origin of my chaotic memoirs

Staring out to the stars
Connecting constellations
millions of miles apart
Wiping streams of orgasmic essence across the astronomy of my
unforeseen valiance
Tolerance of this tyrant race,
the scrimmages of my days,
Philosophical ways mirroring my desires,
Lighting bewitching fires,
Cursing curiosities
Drawing me in like dire symphonies

I tell myself to stay away from the sweet smell of surrender
Where I wish to unfold my blossoming erotic animosity
Let my demanded need to be fed spoonfuls of intellectual stature,
be met by spews of raw carnation attacking the insides of my warmth...
Squeezing the dew drops of my fantasies
Drinking the longing from the tip of my cortex,
Spinning in an unperturbed vortex
Rounding my feme-sphere with the connectivity of neuron light shows
Sailing across my blue visions points
to trance me into a gravitational pull

The wheels within my dome want to go against time and turn counterclock wise,
Leaving me with jumbled thoughts and sorts of organizational need
Putting me on cerebral over load 

I enjoy the magnetic intercourse of our word flow 
My poetic strip tease 
Revealing vocabularies and intellect levels
As I unveil each dictated piece...
Each desired need

I flip my victimness into strongheaded mess
No need for empathetic relations,
They don't change the fact that the time I was a victim does exist....
Forward is the only direction I know and allow myself to move,
Unless Aladdin sweeps through,
wants to ride me magic carpet style....
to our Astro moons....

I'm used to the silence,
to the intimidation of my essence.....
My words speak so loudly, 
The affect can be defeaning volumes in this dead quietness
I take no offense to their shut down defenses

Testosterone usually attracted like a magnet,
Neurons to estrogen being the extent of it,
Too scared to unveil the inner goddesses of poetic tales,
So they sniff at the trail,
Like puppy dogs on their masters tail....

Carnal desires that are covered by monitors,
Bold proclamations with no intention but to sit and enjoy the commentary...

My epilogues keep building
Prologues diminishing 

But this neurotic desire for ignitation of my intellectual trinity.....

never hinders or dies

It crackles and pops needing to be fed as it dwindles into ashes 

And is relit by brain waves taking me on intelligent walks through dictatorial grace:....


Written by Lyrical_Aptitude
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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