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    FREAKness ... is on the loose

Hail to the Slayers & its Naysayers & Jeff the Killer!  
unAmerican Horror stories have all been misplaced  
disgraced, annihilation~raped by the Gods of youtube lubes & cum~panies    
5 Nights at Freddie`s is the satanic norm, inducted in  
Slenderman`s Hotel Forestas Hell~of~Fame  
in the stain of slain`ed backgrounds, goth music expels  
of where the Creepy Pastas dwell, homos & cidals    
there is a tidal wave of disciple blades & munchkins who misbehave    
and who is your wicked Witch of The Bitch?  
don`t follow the yellow brick road, hope doesn`t exist  
`cept in a gram of red slipper coke where Dorothy slit  
auntie Em`s American Gothic throat somewhere &  
under a rainbow turning Toto into a slut-of-a-mutt!  
`Shh` to the flickers of flames, Jane is a deadly dolls dame  
a tumor, less than a child`s whimper & rumor  
Oh my `lil Puss in Boots how she needs your fleshy suit  
to wear as petty & coats around her acidic moat  
she wants to flounce, booty bounce  
stick your prick with her virgin pins & needles & sticks  
‘cause Bloody Mary has nothin` over  
her rotten cherries … so pass the Tampax please!  
menstruation is a lyrical femmes demoralization  
con~to~the~damned, spread the disease  
from dead ovaries & chickens that pox  
calamine~cum~lotion is the Cure,  
no Love Song~s in The Hanging Gardens  
of Charlotte Sometime~s  
just puss filled bubbles &  
band aid scabs over a wounded heart ...  
no one understands  
just Puddin` on batgurl`s hands  
*ramrage poetry
Written by DevlinDLC
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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