Ode to Future Generations

This a figurative maze.:.:
It's a rough place,
Materialistically misplaced...
Egotistically embraced,
catastrophically displaced...
Social narcissism runs biological clocks,
leaving the internal ticking tocks
in a permanent tuned "out" phase
Seeking approval in giant flocks,
Which feed on greed and hate....
Used to fuel their day to day...
Suck dry the hard work from the deserving......the needy,
the underpaid....

What can I say?
How should I relay this..?
Or with positivity?
How different the molds can be,
within the anomalies of the two perceptions,
Positivity being a weapon,
For it can be disguised so positively...
As does the deception of society....

I can't break life to you lightly,
the white lies of past lives have damaged human kind,
brainwashed our psyche...
So it will be up to you to stand tough
Be that diamond in the rough
And show you can outshine the outer layer scaling your beautiful existence
Which will take consistent persistence
of standing up for you who really are,
But you must remain the warrior whom traveled from afar,
Whom fights hard,
and insists to allow your uniqueness to
be accepted into coexistence...
Don't charm the stories of queens and prince,
Rather create your own,
And allow life to evince your emotional experiences

Some will hurt,
some may never heal,
Few will be blessed enough for love to be
all they feel,
Such rarity indeed.....,
Yet, although we all come from the same species seed,
We have been granted our individual ability to guide our own destiny,
Note to guide.....never control,
not even your own.....,
because freedom in itself needs its own soul,
don't constrict yourself to your own mental drone...
Address the world like a game of chess, Play their pawns,
while wearing a crown,
being aware of your surround,
ready for any battle or test

Honor your temple, your shell, your body....
Value yourself with utter royalty,
Ladies embrace and own your covered pearl,
choose wisely as to whom it is revealed,
And when chosen, be his personal gentility
Be the balance to instability....
Fellas be the foundation of our land,
Let the feme drink from your masculinity,
Respect and love the stream of her estrogen
Worship the spirit of feminine aura that is so easily given
And to both.....
understand without man there is no woman,
And without woman,
can there be birthed a man......
We are meant to need eachother....
We fit together hand in hand
Shine light on the ties and cycle of our natural Graceland

Be sure to stop and breathe...
take time to dance in the rain,
wearing a sundress.....
or even your Sunday best....
Smell the flowers,
Dress to impress...
physically....and with mental finesse

You stand to walk a long road of learning to digest,
All of life's torturous.....
delicious.... mess,
that will be thrown upon the heavy plate
in which you will wear across your chest,

Your weighted, inspirational vest

Your shield of self empowerment

The world is only the platform to the path you choose to step....

Now rise....with diligence,
and let your spirit guide your sense...

***submitted for the "Empowerment" competition***
Written by Lyrical_Aptitude
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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