Part 2 of Fed Up

Nobody is perfect, what are you talking about,Can't believe "Rj Not Worth It" is coming out your say you can't trust me,can't deal with me either,where was all this talk when we was in bed with the heater.
Past is the past you wanna leave it at that,
The past made me who I am let's not forget about that.
We both been through alot,heartaches and pain,not being on the same page no love is gain.
You say you want me but hate me at the same time,I wish I would've heard that when I help you out alot,you help me some too,but when I bring it up you don't want me reminding you.
Never forget what someone did out the kindness of there heart,why be mad most time even at a little fart.
You hate me,you love me you say it all the time,
Try to use another man so I'll make you mine,
That's not the right way,better watch what you say,better love what you got cause it can leave at any day.
Who hold you down when no one else was around...ME! but all I got was frowns.
Disrespect ain't good neither from me nor you, no communication is exactly what we do,we cut deep when we fuss,we go hard when we fight, why not put effort into love by the end of the night.
Not all my fault,put the blame on me.
Your mind plays tricks don't ignore what you see, I don't go out,no longer in these streets.
I hustle for good things what we made in these sheets,you'll never understand my plan is until I leave this world,something change my life, our little girl.
I hate that we're not being adults about it,
Work things out and ignore the bullshit.
Say what you want I know I'm a man, fight for what's mine I do what I can,
No pointing no fingers not even at you,
I bet you'll rush back home if you took a walk in my shoes,
Sad to hear that you feel this way,I'm sorry for what happen that Apology for another day.
Maybe it's what you want to hear or feel, you looking for  Lust but you know what's real,
Call me what you want,say what you wanna say,
But at the End of the day,
You got kids with Rj.........
Written by Yellowbone25
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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