Memories of Robert Frost

The path wandered through the wood  
I'd had a choice some yards back,  
The fork, (was it the same?)  
Left and right  
Just like the hay-fork I carried.  
I'd found it further back.  
The thick and solid handle  
Of the early path, now two  
One brown with mud  
The other flat and green  
Strolled before. ...   ..  It was winter.  
Who had thrown away the fork?  
It had been there a long time  
The handle black with mould.  
February now,  
Had it been discarded last fall?  
(A strange tool to find  
In two thousand five  
With its mechanisations.  
A break-down perhaps?)  
Chucking bales on a cart hard work  
I could have thrown it away,  
But I hate waste.  
The sky was blue and steely  
Could see it through  
The silhouette branches  
The wind too!  
It was three, the sun shone through the trunks  
Darkness some time away  
So I took the muddy path.......  
Something wrong with the green  
What did the others know?  
Only an inch of rain this month  
There'd been five the last.  
The hollow path, still damp,  
Slipped its way between  
The shallow banks  
Which promised spring and yellow.  
Above, the khaki green  
Of nervous buds,  
Telling of an early spring  
Could just be seen......  
Winter afternoons so silent  
I was alone. Or was I?  
I knew from the 'prints  
Someone, or ones ,walked before,  
And there was time for those behind.  
Of course the trees could give support  
I could always lean,  
At least awhile.  
Looking up I saw  redundant mistletoes  
evergreen, viable only once a year.  
The path was on the woodland edge  
The centre too dense to walk,  
birds sang joy and defiance  
Safe from hawks and me
‘Follow me home  
I have tables aload with food  
Boxes dry and square  
Better than those ragged nests  
You exhaust yourselves for days  
And stick with mud  
(But of course they are  
Square and painted green  
And not in a wood)  
I love your wood ,but do not envy  
My home is warm  
The shops a yard away’  
I began this walk a time back  
There's been no rush even so it's been too quick  
I have no wood  like theirs,  browns and blacks  
Steel blue sky, defiant greens.  
Four weeks now  spring will come  
(The corn shows green)  
In the fall  shall return to   autumn sun,  
See gold and ginger leaves  
Rowan-red and chestnut brown  
Un-zip my coat,  ...   ... left home the gloves  
This winter wood too cold.
Written by Kexby
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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