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Death Of A Nation

A baby blue sky,
that could dress anyone
in the richest hues of blue,
was splattered with the ink
of animosity.

Angels beckoning for life,
as their wings became tattered kites
plummeting their last agonizing function.

I skipped on their bodies,
like hop scotch,
"1, 2, 3, 4,
how many victims will
forevermore become the
core of the corridors of hell."

One of the bodies managed to scrape up
what little bit of life it had left,
just to bellow out in anguish,
as I stepped on it's head.

Their bones,
their memories,
and their values,
became my staircase of vengeance.

"Forgive me", was exhaled,
as I leaped onto another's back,
like a frog on a lily pad.

After I catapulted off of the last corpse,
there was a gate encompassed with
persuasive hymns.
I pulled out a crystal feather,
it reflected my determination.

"Show me their suffering",
was reverberated throughout the
land, as the feather became the
projector of their misery,
casting their nightmares
onto the sky.

"All we did was breathe
every exhale you had let out,
yet you'll banish our loyalty
with death?"

"Death is the only trophy your
civilization will claim,
be happy that I'm the one
to decimate your meaningless lives.
In the after life, you'll be greeted
with honor, as the ghouls pluck out
the final aches in your soul;
so cheer the fuck up will you."

"I plead with the almighty,
and all forgiving lord
that blankets me with the token of
life, to spare me more time."

A velvet whip dressed with
the bones of the many
families that have fallen
victim to it's tyranny,
became the instrument of war.

The neutralizer began to snap the life out of
the beggars siblings effortlessly,
like a group of spoken
word enthusiasts solidifying their
commonality, ever so natural.

"How fucking dare you use your
tongue to disrespect my ears,
lay down on your stomach,
cover your ears, so you can't
hear me whip the life out of you,
you're welcome."

It began to bask in their agony,
like a tornado basking in blood,
as it swept away life,
like a malicious broom dissipating
memories that were collected
like souvenirs.

I went to proceed forward,
but the voice of a thousand nightmares
halted me.

"What fucking business do you have here boy?"

[Reader's notes:
I may continue this, let me know if you'd like to see more,
thank you to those who read it.]
Written by Manley_Pointer
Published | Edited 8th Jul 2019
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