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"Sensual Delight's Received while Fucking in Hel"

Feeling my heart beating faster now
and my jaw and body tensing I with a
strong, overwhelming urge felt myself
being led by a strange pleasurable
invocation to the bedroom where
I at night slept

So I wanting a good high to be
experienced gladly got up and obeyed

There I took off all of my clothes, and
began to crawl across the welcoming

I was immediately greeted with sensations
all over my body like the impression of
hands and seductive breaths

This is by the way now presently happening
as I am overcome by the wave of a
wonderfully real high

Here in this bed it feels as though the mattress
beneath me is alive and breathing...

It has my body awakened and sexual in an
intense orgasmic rhythm

It's as though the physical thing that I lay upon
is mere illusion and I'm floating on legions of
soul and sensory-pleasing creatures of Hels'
blessed underworld

My thighs and muscles instinctively tense as
I feel presence all around them, grabbing,
massaging, enlivining them

Those in Hels' command do not stop at just
the erogenous-zones that we are told are
the only ones to find bliss in, but tantalize
every portal that they choose on a whim

Every section of my skin is alive and as I
write this not just my phallus but every
fiber of my soul is a strong, alert...

Erection, and I feel like I'm going to explode

All of the whores of the Underworld could
now engage me and I'd all night want to go

My mind, my neck, my chest, my stomach,
my cock, and the skin that leads to my
orifice below is raging and feels like
they're all receiving attention

I try to stop myself but the breathing that I
feel around me, that I'm enclosed in keeps
on going, not letting me stop...

Commanding me that tonight I'll be giving
in to what Hels' ravenous beasts decide to
unleash on me

"Hear My Supplication, Oh Lustful Succubus
 or Incubbus or Craving Creature of Hel; take
 Me by My Core Within down and Feast giving
 Me Carnal, Sensual and Metaphorical Delights,"

My breathing has slowed and sounds more like
a lustful, wanton pant

I feel another spirit subjecting me, making me

Written by hungrypan74 (Dantalyon)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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