My Life As A Teenage Werewolf Chapter 2

I startle awake,  “What the fuck!” I shout as I slap a large, black and orange carrion beetle off my arm. I take a look at myself. My clothes are ripped and covered in blood. The ground around me is covered in dirt and the walls seem rough. That's when the memories of the night before flood into focus. I can’t believe that happened… What am I going to do..?
I shoot up and run out of the cave, my body protesting with every move I make. The oak trees around me all look the same, from the broad leaves to the moss growing on them. I remember Marianne teaching me when I was a child that if you are lost in the woods to tie something to the branches so you know which way you came from. So that is exactly what I do, I rip off the bottom portion of my dress and tie part of it to the nearest branch and begin walking in a random direction. As I walk over fallen limbs and try to avoid falling on my ass I take a look up. The sky seems to be too bright of blue in comparison to what I am used to seeing, and the birds are singing louder than what I am used to hearing as well. When I look back to what is in front of me I see another cave, but with a half-moon carved into the wall on the outside.
“That’s strange, I wonder if there is a reason behind that..” Curiously I meander up to the mouth of the cave. “Hello?!” After waiting a moment and not hearing anything I tip-toe inside, the smell of stew greeting my nose. As I go further into the cave the sound of people talking makes me freeze in my tracks.
“I think I saw a girl in the forest today” A female states from somewhere close by.
“A human female?” A male asks.
“No, I think she is one of us but I couldn’t get close enough to tell without frightening her, I was in my wolf form”
Nervously I continue walking turning through a few corridors before finding the couple I heard talking. “Uhm.. Hello?”
They both shift stance and glare at me angrily. “Who are you?” The male growls. He is tall, maybe five foot ten. His black hair falls over his bright green eyes.
“M--My name is Kiisha, I think I’m lost.”
“What are you?” The young woman with him asks. Her demeanor seems different from his. She seems kinder although her red eyes make me take a second look.
“I thought I was human..”
“You thought WHAT?!” The male interrupts.
“Human, but I-- I think I’m a werewolf. Who are you guys?”
“I’m Tinder, and this is my mate Kahlil” she states “I am sorry if we frightened you.”
I smile softly, “ You're fine, uhm.. Where am I?”
“Forgive my mate” Kahlil shakes his head and gestures to the cave itself  “This is the common area for the Lunar Cycle Pack” Just as he finishes speaking ten more people walk into the cave, all freezing in their tracks when they see me.
Written by GothicQueen666 (Viviaan)
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