Fed up

Whoaaaa !
Hold up,there's no perfect over here,
Plenty flaws and lies was made over the many years.
You say you can't trust me,
You can't be with me too, well that's a damn shame after all the stuff I went through!
You say I'm disloyal,
You say I'm the fault,
I'm sick your SHIT,I'm about to be out!
You claim you care about me and got love for me too,
Then why not see me Happy,
Instead of making things about you.
We was done many years ago that's what you like to say,
So I make you eat your own words,
And Do me by the day!
Yeah you talk a lot of Shit and I love you too,
But Let's get one thing Understood, I wont beg you.
Don't wanna spend no time, cause you say you on your grind,
WELL FUCK IT!!!! ima call that Other Nigga up cause I'm sure he doesn't Mine!
Always say I'm being Petty and being Inmature,
You never here for me,
When I really need you,
I don't go out to club or hang out in these streets,
I put my time at home right where it needs to be.
I don't get no phone call, don't even get a text,
I'm tired of feeling along I'm about to hit the deck!
You can say it's my fault, even put the blame on me...I don't give a fuck nomore, I just wanna be free!
I bend patients enough with you, Gave you the benefit of the doubt,
don't want me but you want me,
No other man can't have me,
He will risk his own happiness
Not to see me Happy.
This really freaking sad,
Cause you will never know what you had,
One day you might grow up and wanna fix it all,
About time you let that've bend done lost it All.
Don't even come around me,
Don't wanna see your face,
Get the shit back that you gave me and get up off my case!
Always playing victim,
Like you can't do no wrong,
All these Excuses that you give me,take your weak as Home!
Be a man for Once and cut your bullshit out,
To grown to be holding grudges,
To grown to act a fool,
To grown to throw tantrums the way you do and how you do.
I'm fed up with this shit bend going on for years,
Live your dream without me,man it is what it is.
I'm tired of being stress and I'm tired of your mess,
Let things just happens, I feel it's for the best.
Our kids are gone be happy regardless of who they with,
So when you speak about me better not speak no bullshit.
I told you how I felt a long time ago but sense you don't wanna listen it's time i let you go,
There's so much I can take so enough is enough,
Don't care how mad you get, you can huff and you can puff,
It wouldn't change the fact that I'm just Fed up!
I need a real man someone to hold my hand,
Who listen when I talk,
Who don't care about my flaws,
Someone who is real and truly care how I feel.
No this ain't me dissing you,
Simply replacing you,
They even tried to warn you,
I'm fed up with you now
Here's my signature I'm signing out!!!!!!

Written by Yellowbone25
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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