Welcome To Hell


Dressed as sinner      
hailed as murderer      
of freedom                                      
in liberty                                      
All black suit                                      
yellow teeth          
carrying black bags            
in deathly stares            
of un-slept eyes   
Just a party, really            
wasn't it?              
 "only this once"              
 "fun for tonight"            
Until hell broke                                      
His royal evil ass              
knocking at                                      
windows and doors                            
a l-i-t-t-l-e                                      
more insistent                                      
more regular                                     
more persistent                                      
than before                                      
was it not?      
Seemed a joke, at first. Not so?      
The good people left your life                
didn't they?                  
They'd slander him, wouldn't they?      
You'd stand up for him, wouldn't you?      
Speaking inventive words          
filling his evil                  
with some light;                  
some positive                  
you probably believed initially      
They never came back, did they?      
Of course you didn't notice at the time                         
who would?                                   
There were                                      
the new people                                      
willing participants, weren't there?
The bank started hounding, didn't they
People were nagging, weren't they?      
It spirals, doesn't it?        
Do you think        
we'd be asking questions        
if you hadn't taken that first line?      
Hadn't trusted that                                  
dead eyes                                      
and his packet?                                      
Calling judgement now        
aren't you?        
Suspecting us                
with our questions                
of making you steal money at night;      
while your mother cried                
herself to sleep                  
Your wife running                
from her family home               
(all four little mouths, in tow)      
not so?                                      
I know, you're wishing      
these questions weren't asked       
or we hadn't called      
the suit                    
"a dirty fuck"      
or that I had                 
never penned this
The clock
ticking the seconds
of your life away                                      
You wish I hadn't                                      
don't you?                                      
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