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Kellie The Lovely Blasian Mom

Kellie, what kind of word can i describe you in. When i think of your name, it sends a warm feeling up my brain. Can i be truthful to how i feel about you, i don't know. Fate and Destiny are spun in a web that lingers in my heart for you to grow. Captivating is a big word to describe you in so many forms. But to treasure your presence is like finding a diamond that fell from the heavens and onto the norms. Finding such a gem in the world was not easy to locate, However such beauty of epic power should be a equal to my journey of searching for a soulmate. Your Eyes dazzle me with every breath that i take and speaking to you brings back every word that i make. Dazzling is another word that is right up your alley, for everything that you are is truly a blessing from Heaven's rally.

Your Skin is golden brown with such creamy motion, the wave of it's vivid awe and ooh gives me a delightful satisfaction. Golden brown like a creamy caramel candy delight. You are a goddess with that immortal skin of holy light. Your hands are so soft but rough around the edges, make no mistake i can always be gentle for your affectionate gap between your finger's bridges. You are simply irresistible when it comes to gazing, i wish that i was surrounded by you in a eternal blazing. Dazzle me you do like a twinkle upon a star, oh but how i ever wonder what you really are. Your arms are lushes to the touch of a flower, oh how i wish i could feel your fascinating power. Those Legs that taunt me may they ever be so lovely, to gently  touch them would be my version of thinking your cuddly. I know your feet are so precious like petals of a flower. A simple gesture makes them bloom like a every single hour.

What makes you special through the golden hair you wear, is it a dream or is it so real i can actually bear. Magnificent you truly are to the word itself, I take my time knowing you are the 1 of vivid wealth. Sexy and wonderful are just the tip of the iceberg to describe you, A work of art is what else you are too. Blasian, a lovely concept. For every race and color you have is a start of a new alignment. Being a Mother gives you full power of wisdom and guidance, may your love grant your children with the same of every line that started with your remembrance. Motherhood is a thing to cherish that much is clear, because it has made you unforgettable for me to not be near.

Kellie if there was ever a word to describe you, I have many to say but for whatever reason you are what you are. I can only simply say. You are a truly. Lovely in every way  
Written by HeavenBoy
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