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Of Flesh And Bone

Somehow she discovered a way through the foliage of him
Although murky this journey she resigned herself to being
In love with the reality of his falsehoods seeing right through
Him to the lies sitting in the marrow of his bones and over
Time she taught herself to laugh inwardly at him never mockingly
More in appreciation of his grand performances as she would
Later come to call him the thespian.of her soul..ha.
Never have she felt more alive inside such shallow waters his
Fraudulent encores far more preferable than the oppressive
Realities of so many before him... she exuded the full array of her womanliness in his
Presence not sure if that was an actual word but then again
This is not an actual love affair so let her reinvent the word
In her favor taking what he gave her as a gift to be savored
Imagining him as her savoir from all those damming truths
Always lurking like sharks waiting to sink a hundred teeth into
Her heart....'Heavens no!' she would silently mutter beaming
With such unfettered joy when with her pseudo king placing
An imaginary crown upon his exposed skull admiring his alleged

Hmph. ...maybe she was touched with just a hint of madness
..fine by her!..let them miserable bitches squirm in perennial
Sadness under that lingering stench fermenting from those
'keep it real' dudes while she would orgasm nightly to
Extravagant exquisite lies..injected orally vaginally anally..
Thoroughly infecting her being as she became an emotional
Diabetic craving his sugarcoated toppings his masculine
Facsimiles inexplicably augmenting her genuineness......

Ahhh...what kind of woman would she be without him..hmm..
Another lie to ponder for another day...give her her buffet of
Synthetic affections now she demanded as she was branded
Court jester by the grief stricken gallery smirking at them while
Their open wounds would fester..they despising her for refusing
To swim in their cesspool of blood clotted love their washed
Ashore dreams rotting in the heat of their crotches never to
Set sail as they railed and wailed in futility like abandoned

Oh no no no...for just this once her heart and mind was in
Complete agreement as she would gather resolve creating
A realm as distant as truth was where she would clutch to
His crutch of all 206 bones holding on to this oasis within the
Smothering dryness of her desert for as however long as he
Would have her...

Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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