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The Fallacy Of Death [ A disDAIN And Naajir Collab ]

1 Corinthians 15:55  
"O death, where is thy sting?...O grave, where is thy victory?"  
Seeming, like a permanent ending to a casual stay  
Much to the chagrin and palpable tension  
Vigorously living, within our dismay  
Disillusioned, and Afraid...Of what we're witnessing  
...Decomposition & decay  
Deliberately misrepresenting, the author of our fate  
Here today and gone tomorrow, leaving sorrow in its wake  
For both, the meek and the proud, to get carried away  
Corralled on the shores of Hades, off the banks of Sheol  
Under false pretenses, beneath a mysterious shroud    
We've been left there, in-waiting...Unclaimed, and disavowed  
But that's just right now    
For you see, there will be a day...  
When the erstwhile indignity, of your turnstile indemnity  
...Will no longer take place  
When we can bypass your gates, and come & go as we please  
When the scheme of your so-called finality  
...Will be relieved, with the ease of a supreme reality  
That we're really free...  
Released from the calamity of our very first mistake  
Agreeing in principle, to be new curious apes  
So of course we ate plenty, even that which He forbade  
With our act of disobeying being construed as a threat  
It was not!  
We placed our wager, because you made us bet  
We tasted the good and digested the bad  
When we could've dined from the Tree of Life instead  
Not making excuses, though it could be said, \  
That our choice was nothing more than entrapment  
Or some form of sadistic satisfaction, for a masochistic need  
To Bless The Lord, My Soul to Keep  
Sweep up, and take in a vacuum  
Back to exactly where we found you  
As a temporary distraction  
Retaliating, by exacting manufactured revenge  
With infinite, punitive attempts at retribution  
That we never quite get use to, though we reconcile with this delay  
Knowing what awaits...  
Our inevitable escape, through time & through space  
Above these dream-like dimensions  
Eternally living, internally winning...As was intended  
In flawless harmony, without Death intervening or misleading our way  
But here we are still  
Abiding by the Reaper's guiding principles  
Didn't know we were invincible  
It did...seem sensible..yeah?  
So many funerals  
So many caskets and urns  
Everyone waiting...anticipating their turn  
To be buried or burned as the priest mockingly mediated  
The devout hoping they haven't deviated  
Too far into deviant behavior  
Singing Psalms of a past due savior  
Til the guilty heart is alleviated  
The fornicating mind inebriated  
Numb to that punitive diminutive feeling left by  
Those collective thoughts of a nasty death  
Hovering about riding a pale horse  
Peeking through an ominous shroud  
Can the intelligent and the intuitive scout  
Beyond the clouds and see....?  
There never was an intermission to this...  
The theater of the Soul  
No intervention of the script.....ure  
Just a clever invention of a word  
It's intended intention to hold the will ransom  
And yet seemingly at random  
Here we are beating time...biding time  
Cloaked under the fear of yet another fallacy  
So disrespectful how it just callously dumped us here  
In the blink of an aye    
Or was that the wink of an eye?...catch that?  
Now think on that lie while  
Masturbating fraudulent seeds of knowledge in a pool of amnesia  
Shouting empty toasts sans ambrosia's famed chalice  
Hence our unexplained underlying malice  
Our Achilles's heel..a nagging hindrance  
The 3rd eye seeking Truth without remembrance  
Just stupid immortals who forgot as soon as we  
Came through mama's portal..  
Following our blind insistence  
On something non existent  
Incognizant of the tongue in cheek humor  
The rumor of its persona being so ghoulish  
With imposing cowl and scythe  
Left us feeling so foolish  
Living in such despair and loathing  
Within this collusion of illusions  
Which was never an exit..never an entrance  
Just hue mans entranced..  
As we dance diligently to the tune of
The  fallacy of  Death
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 18th Nov 2016
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