Making love to the dark

I see glitter when I stare your way, your shining, sparkling, dangerous face. Wings grow from my back and I shape shift in to the majestic magpie, focused, honed in, only on you. But when I fly to close your heat burns the tips of my wings and I recoil in pain everytime,but like the moth drawn to the flame, I can not give in, I know nothing other than the satisfying sting of your allure.
Your dangerous and you only bring darkness, but I am safe in darkness, I am home, like a wolf in the dead of night, I follow only the light of the moon and the stirring of intuition in my stomach to guide me to heaven. I am a creature whom never learns from you, I morph into a martyr, rushing into battle, only to get broken, for my own selfish pleasure, yet each time I perish, I rebuild my form from the strengths of my soul, only to return and once again be broken, like thin glass, under the weight of your demon like form.
Today I release my grip from your magnetic chains, I allow my fingers to slip from the only thing I've ever craved and I allow my body to be carried away into the un known world. Out into the normality of humanity. And while i search for a tribe to belong to, a love less harmful and toxic, my own insanity beckons for you from deep within my gut and I bleed silently as I release your poison from my veins. It will always only be you my love, but I can not keep being swallowed by the magnificence of darkness, the heavy coldness from the creeper in the night. I'm simply not tough enough anymore
Written by sophiehunt (Sophie Hunt)
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