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A marionette, my life coach

"Re-establish me" were the words that lurked
onto the alleyway, as the streetlights formed
an audience for them to stand on.

A broken doll awakens.

Dumbfounded by it's petrifying eyes.

"Re-establish you huh? Don't tempt me with
a good time."

I tried to put my brain together like a rubiks cube;
this shit was hard to fathom, after hearing those
painstaking words.

I doused my brunette hair in reality with
a coal bucket, hopping
I wasn't in some fucked up nightmare.

"Are we really about to have a weird moment?"

The head clicked left, my eyes clicked right,
it's body shifted straight, destined to fuck up
my perception.

It marched it's ambitious ass up to me.
Anchoring her lips to my ears.

"Let's exhale some life into that
hollow heart of yours."

"Why does my heart have to be hollow?"

"Kid, stop questioning me, and let's
fix your ass, okay."

It put it's fingertips near my collar bone,
trying to caress the anxiety out of me.

Little did she know, she was invoking
agony. I guess I'm just a paranoid fuck.
That or I have good reason to be.
It's not like marionettes come to life
everyday, to be your life coach.

It gripped onto my chin, "do you know
what love is?"

That's like asking me, have I ever inhaled
oxygen. Of course I do.

"Have you experienced it?"

"I think I have, or at least I'd like to think so."

"Well, here's how I view love.


"Why are you trying to help me?"

"Well for one, it's never fun to see
people weep over useless people."

"And by useless you mean whom now?"

"Oh, don't act so oblivious, you know whom I
speak of."

My heart felt like a light bulb that began to flicker,
fading away as the thought of that person came
into fruition.

"I want to ask you why, or how you know any of this is
possible;however, I don't care enough to want know."

"Good, because I wasn't going to waste my time
explaining how.

I saw how you cherished that person; like a
dehydrated soul longs for life.

There's nothing wrong with venturing with
a staggered mind. You can only cleanse
yourself from here on in..

"I'm more marveled at the fact that you're
putting this dedication into what came of it,
and the summation of the situation."

"Kid we've all been fucked, it's how you
go about your business after
a long day at the office is what matters."

[Reader's note. I'm not sure if I should continue
writing this, got bored, and composed this.
If you want me to attempt to continue it,
let me know.]
Written by Manley_Pointer
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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