These Fridays are getting worse and worse
First off, I picked a bad outfit
Then when I was driving to work
I realized I forgot my phone
Now what am I gonna do
When Iím taking a shit?
Coffee spilled all over the cab
Of my truck
From the travel mug
I always hated
The spicy Vietnamese chicken sandwich
I had for lunch
Burned the shit outta my mouth and lips
The beet kale ginger juice I drank
Had me pissing orange all day
I thought it was fucking blood!
And to top it all off
I got a bad haircut
There are few things worse than a bad haircut
Bad barbers should be shot dead on sight
Well, you know, youíre lucky youíve still got itÖ
Days like this fuel the drug industry
And Iím glad it exists
A gram
A fifth
And a six pack
Will get you through this life
Because youíre scared all the time
They make sure of it
So stop directing it inward
Thereís plenty to blame
I look tired because I am
Itís hard to get past distractions
Grabbing onto any branch that you can
Everything collapsing in
Everything flattened out
On a Friday, a god damn Friday
Itís supposed to be the one
The day you wait for
And then Saturday comes around
And itís Saturday
Always Saturday
The best day
Sleep in Ďtil 1
Get up, sip coffee
At a medium pace
Take the long slow crap
Hung over from the night before
Watching episodes of Californication
On your mobile device
It seems bad
But you keep watching it
Itís Top Ramen
The years spent in Gotham
Were just wasted, really
Silly delusions of fame
Thinking we really had something to say
That we could erase
Then recreate
Or worse,
Add to it

Wherever you go
You bring yourself

Remember that
When youíre thinking of leaving town
Thinking a change of scenery
Will relieve the malaise
Thatís always plagued you
Thatís always prevented you
From doingÖanything
My brother, címon

The plague is

Written by Taurek
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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