Nights are getting longer, days shorter. Primal instincts are getting harder to keep in check. This beastly hunger! Don't know how much longer one can hold out until it's to late. I need a vessel to pump my dark seed into lightin this weight. I need to devour someone from the inside out. Torture and torment with pleasure from my tongue to my inlargered manhood. What do I want? what is it I crave and desire? I crave ecstasy the one thing everyone dersires is to reproduce. I need to now! This moment in time a second later and it would be to late. I'll be lost...Or maybe it's for the best that I don't give into these feelings. Even though I often find myself longing for your presence and my body still remembers the trail of your touch, and some days the sensation lingers a little longer, when I of getting a little deeper, my mouth waters... I fear what would happen if I get a little to carried away...But! This intensity is to much not to give in to...fuck what happens I demand oral compensation. Venturing to parts of your body that no man has. Craving the same touch? I'll touch many until I find the same touch. If that means giving up my humanity for one night or forever its worth it. I'll leave society and become the animal behind close doors in the bedroom. Moans, screams dumping of one's seed. If all this means relieving myself then I'll do it and risk becoming lost.
Written by Quze
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