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I see you from the other side
what is the hurry to be  
the first on every adventure or ride?
Do you think if your not first in line you won't get there,  
that there will be some  
preferential treatment for the over achievers?
Slow or fast, happy or sad,  
willing or not we will all end up  
shadows in the ether of the next world.
Watching the living whether looking down from umongst high  
or up from the dwellings below or walking along side,  
never again to interact, smell, touch, taste...
living is for those who are alive  
and we are but efemeral wisps in the evelasting night.
Oh but what gusto is put into gains and achievements,  
aquisitions, recognition for status and materialism,  
but what did we really leave that was memorable?,  
What would endure as an unending legacy  
for the following  generations?
A legacy of service to others,  
humility in a climate of greed and avarice,  
one of kindness without expectations,  
heroism without recognition  
or generosity without reward.  
One of selfsacrifice without scrutiny.  
We no longer subcribe those types of values,  
they are old fashioned sensibilities.
And so I watch as this world hurries to its individual demise,  
with sadness and sometimes even tears in my eyes,  
because, oh yes, we can still feel!  
It is one of those wicked ironies of the afterlife,  
you feel, but you have no outlet  
for the emotions being stirred up  
by those living they're absurdities  
and wasting precious time,  
thinking tomorrow is another day,  
I still have time and more chances to get it right....
(Silently shaking my head)...
"Tomorrow is promised to no one"  
a wise person once said...
Here in the elysian planes,
there is no place for titles or acolades,  
finally realizing how foolish I was...  
"time waits for no man"  
"It is not how much time you have that matters,  
it is what you do with your time that does."
Truer words, have NEVER been spoken.
Gypsy Red
Elysium: is a section of the underworld in Greek mythology,  similar to purgatory or vallhala
Written by marielavoue (Gypsy Red)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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