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The Calling

as I  
traverse through the pitch  
of barren Night I  
I can taste Her..  
faint trails of her pheromones  
serve as my burden...  
we must consummate  
for I am now forever forsaken from  
 The Divine Presence  
cast out as a slave  
into this..this seductive wildness lurking  
working it way through  
my anatomy  
breaking me  
every organ now enlarged
muscles tendons and ligaments  
expanded far beyond  
human dimensions  
my sight encompassing both  
the ultra-violet and infra-red spectrum  
my hearing sensitive to this orchestra that is now my forest  
my speed my strength my endurance  
my libido insatiable  
every atom in my body  
split and reconfigured to fit snugly  
into the madness the that  
now envelopes me  
this nocturnal thirst  
I am now one with the Dark Forest  
one with the Unholy mist  
one with the dankness of Earth  
one with theith the hovering Moon  
my compass  
My Mistress of the Hunt  
who gave me definition...a sole purpose  
to honor of HER  
for I am HER devoted Moon-beast  
chastened to this never  
ending chase  
and so I chase...and she runs
and runs    
this woman  
who was once my betrothed  
now in denial of me  
of my renewal  
and now she runs  
filled with disbelief and unfettered horror  
yet her sweat  
her adrenaline..her heavy panting  
betrays her every movement  
her unrestrained feminine scent serves as  
A delectable appetizer  
to my heightened olfactory senses  
the dampness in her crotch  
stimulating every molecule on my enlarged tongue  
I'm dripping with anticipation  
it will be a slow methodical feeding  
and seeding  
I will fill her with all the abandon  
of my primitive lust  
I will drink in utter delight  
gulping down the blood from her exposed jugular  
for even though her Soul  
wears fear like a chastity belt  
her body is a total contradiction  
her nipples are perked...painfully erect  
her clitoris bulges with curiosity  
her throbbing vulva is primed to be ravaged  
by my savage desires  
fluids stream down her thighs
like an hourglass trickling away the last vestige of  
her humanity  
I encroach upon her    
and I see her limping  
calves and hamstrings burning  
with fatigue  
her trembling arms clinging to my trees  
her feet sinking into the moistness of my Earth  
my mist shortening her breaths  
realizing her fate  
she finally turns to fully gaze upon  
this unholiness that I have  
and I am filled with nothing but contempt  
as she presents me an audacious look of judgement  
with sanctimony teeming in her eyes  
but still...our matrimony will not be denied bitch!
I pounce  
her screams announce my arrival
and now begins  
the banquet  
I pin her face against an oak  
shattering her jaw  
my claws tear into her flesh  
recklessly sinking beneath her torso and shoulders  
I sink my fangs into the base of her neck  
overcome with a philistine euphoria    
as my snow white fur is basted  
in a scarlet pigment  
I plunge  
my beastly phallus into the heated dampness  
of her hungering slit from behind  
I plunge them all
claws and phallus  
deep...indoctrinating her  
inoculating her..  
ghastly moans echo throughout my forest  
as terror and erotism reconcile past grievances  
bringing pain and pleasure into adulterous harmony  
her veins and arteries squirt relentlessly  
the misty walls of her cavern  
pulse to the rhythm  
of unknown tribal drums  
urging us in deeper into this esoteric journey  
of the damned  
and now her cries  
slowly turn into frenzied howls  
her eyes change from a humane brown  
to a deep drowning indigo  
her entire body now shifting..morphing in the midst  
of my animistic thrusts  
her five senses now under  
my complete command  
and her 6th sense she pledges  
to my Moon...our Moon  
and soon we shall be as one
our ungodly union sanctioned by HER for all time
Re-animated in HER glorious image  
our enslaved Souls forever revolving around the illumination  
of HER newly formed Zodiac  
where SHE..and only SHE  
now becomes the center of all  
that moves.
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 30th Dec 2022
Author's Note
Author's Note
written in 2012 as a picture
challenge from Omega
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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