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In love with Illusion

Wander away baby
I love that'- touch me everywhere
squeeze me, spank me
blind fold me and give me torture baby
Restrain me
tie me- don't let me gain control
'Take control of my body baby
today i surrender to you
Do with my body as you wish
You driving me mad baby
I am now at full stretch
Anticipating your next touch-
Not sure where
You like my dick so much love
You love the feel of me in your mouth
so hard right now
can't stand up. FUCK!

I want you now
I wanna touch you.
I want my fingers in your pussy
stabbing your G- spot

I want my tongue up your ass
licking you all over like am cleansing you
Going down on you now, Mami
Cock had as rock right now

I grab your hips
Swift violent move to place you on the bed
Rough a bit
Hard enough
Hands pinned down
legs tied
EYES masked
Blind folded
Goosebumps visible from your thighs to your tits

Sheet soaked
all thanks 2 your wet pussy
'Hands moving
tickling Yes?
Teeth biting
Lips caressing your toes

Fingers racing through your feet
Tongue on your ankle running up your calf
Teeth biting the back of your knee gently

Hands squeezing your ass
fingers digging your thighs
ignore me!
Tongue in company

both moving towards- you know where
so soaked-
pressing my chin against your cunt
my new growth beard tickling your clit
teeth teasing your clit

my Lips against your thick lips
covering the inlay of your cunt
my finger in now

Index first
too short....
Middle finger in to assist
I make the rules
not you
You had your chance
to boss around
Let e have mine

face soaked with your juice
I don't mind
cleaning my face on your thighs
humming sound from you
urging and cheering me on
clenching your fingers...

Tongue thick piercing your asshole
finger smooching your G-S
breathing on your back

ass fine like summertime
pussy wet like fall
soft bite on your spine
kissing your neck
breathing in your ear
warm air blown in your ear

Kissing you now
eyes flutter as my lips
cold now as snow
brush against yours**

kissing you... sheer happiness...
Cock ===>8 inches
now stiff as stone
rubbed against your tits
Cock firmly placed
On the valley
between your 2 pointed top mountains

within reach
of your Lip
You want me
I know
cock teasing your lips

taking a lick
your hard clit surrenders

continue licking your clit
you surrender... submit to me...
G-spot jealous
begging me.. please!

Fingers parting the gates now
Preparing you for my triumphant entry
Into promise land

G-spot eager
Clit welcoming my cock in

kissing my tip
Your G-spot flatter my cock a while and off i go

like a smoke session.
Emptied my goodie bag in your horny pot
Are you satisfied?
I wonder

Now let me begin
That was just foreplay


Sleep disappears from my eyes
Tears fill my eyes
Thoughts of her fill my heart
She stab my heart a million times
but still can't get over her
I love her
But the thought of her unending hurt push me away
But still can't walk away
I love her
But her lack of faith has set love astray


Waking up from my day dream-
I miss you
I pray the Big man upstairs reveal his intentions for us to you
I will never give up even though you have lost your way
But I will accept nothing less than 100% commitment.
Written by FLCPapi
Published | Edited 23rd Sep 2016
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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