Just All Around Fuckery

The Wolf sits    
And waits....    
Tail slowly wagging    
Eyes keen    
Teeth razor sharp    
Yet there's a auspicious this Wolf    
Its more than just waiting.    
He seems to be expecting...something    
Through the misty shroud of the moonlit woods he sees....    
his something    
A shape akin to his own    
But with noticeable differences    
It doesn't have the same predatory gait....    
As it gets closer the Wolf recognizes him....    
Its his distant cousin....    
The Shepherd    
Approaching with a duplicitous grin on his face    
A secret glance pass between them    
Then the Wolf speaks first...    
W: how goes it Mr.Shepherd?..Tell me. Do the Sheep trust you?      
Do they believe in your sympathy?Your empathy?    
S:All is well Mr.Wolf...and yes. There's a dependency on me      
They have now with no clue that I'm their Enemy    
W:Ahh..yes. You were always a notorious trickster.      
What methods did you employ might I ask?    
S:Integration immigration and ownership...    
They're eager and willing to give up their own identity    
Just to taste the same "freedoms" we have    
W:Freedom! Hahaha! What a trigger word.      
Such an ambiguous term to say the least!    
S:(chuckling)I agree. And might I add      
You're doing an excellent job of assuming the role of the beast    
W:And I'm getting better and better at it..    
Crash a couple of planes into buildings and...WAA-LAH!!!    
I've created a police state and circumvented      
The Constitution with the Patriot Act    
S: Yes! An excellent way to indefinitely imprison people      
Without ever charging them.Who needs due process or facts?    
W.And I'm going to continue to undermine the economy      
With cheap labor from the prison industrial complex      
A steady influx of illegal aliens and outsourcing American jobs    
S.While you're busy with that Mr.Wolf, I'll be infecting the populace      
Through an array of drugs from the pharmaceutical industry      
And assault their spirits through every form of media    
W.Yes Mr. Shepherd ....we must disconnect theirs spirits.    
S.Well we now have and endless supply of heroin      
Through your occupation of Afghanistan..that should help a great deal    
W.Indeed! And what of the youth?    
S.That's quite simple Mr.Wolf....    
I'll dampen their intelligence through mis-education      
And slowly destroy their health through a diet of no nutritional value      
And distort their values through the messages in their music    
W.Brilliant Mr.Shepherd!!....And together we'll make a mockery      
Of church and state..and initiate our Obama/Jesus mandate    
S.(chuckling) Let them pray and vote and hope      
While we choke off their link to reality...    
Shave the wool off their spineless backs and pull it right over their own eyes    
W.Hahahaaa....I like your style Mr.Shepherd    
S.We are two of a kind Mr.Wolf...well look I've got to go.      
I've organized a rally for the sheep....    
W.Oh yes...that 'occupy wall street' thing... ah yes..I remember...    
Well then go Mr.Shepherd...and Godspeed..hahahah    
Author's Note:    
Written Nov 2011    
Originally titled 'The Kindred'  
Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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