A Queen for A King

With eyes consumed by scrutiny i watched as she came closer. She must be one of those wingless angels who fell off heaven's gate. There are so many things about her that tells you she isn't just beautiful; she is more than that, she cant possibly be from around here (Earth).

From the air above her hair to the sand beneath her feet, they all spell out 'F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S'. The way she smile, the dimples on both side of her cheek, the rare positioning and shape of her nose. She has the best ears i have both seen or heard of. She has a firm jaw bone and an elongated chin.

 Her eyes are bright, popped out and charming, they appear like they have the ability to possess whatever or whoever they are set upon just like Medusa's (the mythical creature with snakelike creatures on her head).

She has a very seductive lips, that kind of Lips you would always dream of stealing a kiss or two or three or four from. They serve as cover to a perfectly arranged set of teeth; white and little, with a healthy red gum holding them in place.

This angel walked even closer. The closer she gets to me, the more impossible her beauty appears to be. She has these curls above her face that serves as guard between her crazy blonde gold hair and face. Her neck is spotless and long and it complement the gold chain hanging from it.

Her shoulder, high and upright like she was attempting a chest out. She doesn't have that slim frame of a super model but still doesn't possess the excess fat of an obese individual. She was angelic and elegant in body frame, all the excess fat are exactly where they should be. Her nails were long, finely done and tidy, like she just left the spa.

She was wearing a fluorescent blue dress that revealed a good part of her cleavage. Breasts; round, fair, firm and sparkling(she wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't need to), i could spot the nipples five yards away (I bet they are pink). She has a full thigh(Fleshy laps), the kind you want to play around with.

Those gorgeous looking thighs sat right above legs firm as a biker's , her legs is unlike anything i have seen, read or heard of. She was simply 100% from the front view. I was embarrassed standing now a yard away from a Goddess.

As she walked past me, i tried to say a word or two to compliment her impossible looks, but i ended up embarrassing myself more. All i succeeded doing was mumble, as i couldn't make out a single word befitting of her unimaginable beauty.

As she passed me, and i woke up from my trance, i fell in shock again. Above the thighs, i noticed something out of this world; a rude, raw, mind blowing 300 pounds of powerful undiluted body fat residing in a pant barely covering half its mass, sitting right under the waist and just above her thighs.

She was a beauty. One i felt unworthy standing in her presence, But One i hope to dream of again.
Written by FLCPapi
Published | Edited 17th Sep 2016
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