I murdered someone
In cold blood and hate
I murdered someone
And it felt as if it were fate

I held the knife
Held it like a mighty sword
I released myself of strife
And spoke in harsh words

It was their indifference
It fuelled my anger
No longer struggling with dissonance
Yearning to strangle her

They cheered me on!
Like a gladiator in a pit
Words with venom spun
The victim not worth the spit!

Entertainment, they cackled with a grin
They loved watching the blood drain
A place where they vented there sin
So i let the blade slide, let violence reign

Blood dripping from the sides
The voices became quiet in return
The indifference back in their eyes
Echoing not an ounce of concern

I lay there drenched in crimson
An empty vessel with a hard shell
Able to take a beating, no hazed vision
Adrenaline gone, i've succumbed to hell

They dragged me out in my state of confusion
Society had destroyed yet another soul
Im both victim and murder, we are one
They watched me kill myself, unware of what they stole

There is more than one way to kill a man
Judgement and hate can be a gun
Shooting you down and you cant understand
So you shut down, realizing there is nowhere to run

It's easier like this being indifferent
Feeling numb in exchange to stop the pain
It's easier like this, not being spent
A calm mind in exhange for cut veins

I murdered someone
In cold blood and hate
I murdered someone
And it felt as if it were fate

Note: a small commentary on how society has changed.. indifferent and cold.. cruel and viscious... and how that can effect someone
Written by Muckmonster
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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