Catch It On The BackSpin

...and we bore witness to the birth of the witless as I would add
To Poetik's musing on intellectual segregation further suggesting
It gave way to mental degradation dumping us into this cultural
Apartheid where it seems that black pride once expressed through
Hip Hop has died now crucified upon 10 karat crosses worn as
Jewelry of these silly rappers flossin in nothin but foolery assuming
Themselves as industry bosses blind to their buffoonery totally
Lost to the fact they act as sad representations of latter day
Sambos got me feelin like some ghetto rambo left cuttin through
A jungle of bungled misconception..our young men wandering in
A field of twisted dreams and demented imaginations cemented
In the machinations of an ideology that's either unattainable or
Unsustainable at the least leaving me without a moment's peace
Caught between the hatred of the Beast and the self hatred of
The soon-to-be deceased...

But see inevitably...through all the sell-ebrity and theft Hip Hop
Never left it just quietly crept back into it's crypt carrying the
Original manuscripts of Rap:
As it was told to me and went back into that phunky underground
Guided by the precepts of Sankofa and the undeniable sound of
Soul Makossa break beats resonating through the pavement as
The uninitiated gawked in amazement tappin their feets n noddin
Their heads fed from a steady dose of lyrical RX first prescribed
From the originals of The BX aka the Boogie Down forever world
Renown and I must pay homage to the crown and show respect
N honor due to DJ Kool Herc now let's roll up our sleeves get back
To work n unearth these verses to stimulate the minds hopin they'll
Emulate these kinds verbal gymnastics caused by a shock to their
Cerebral synaptics n get their brains rerouted rebooted one by one
Reclaim them through grass rooted campaigns make 'em put down
That 300 dollar champagne and stop playin with their rent money
And get serious ain't shit funny I hope they hearin us cuz Hip Hop
Ain't just a pit stop on the road to riches it's one part of a Soul
Train ingrained in all of us just a fraction of the coming attractions
The Creator has in store for us so moving forward there's just one
Simple question I have to ask to clear all doubt...tell me right here..
Right now..are you in ..or are you out?

Author's note
Originally written as a response to
Poetik Mind and his brother's
lyrical musings in regards
to the current state of hip-hop
Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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