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Officially Yours

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Main Characters:
Husband- Shawn Caleb Johnson
Wife- Sarya Raquel Anderson

[Setting: church, wedding ceremony, theme white and powder blue, crowd of people, newlyweds at the alter, groom is singing to his wife with choirs assistance]

Husband: (singing) "Do you love me?!"
Choir: (singing soflty) "do you love me?"
H: (Singing) "Baby now, that I, love you!!"..... You see Sarya, the song is a little misleading at that point. I've always loved you, I just wasn't man enough to realize it. But today I stand her as your husband with the goal of showing you how much I love you for the rest of our lives....."
Crowd: (cheers and awwws)

~Freeze Frame~
Husband: and that's how the story ends...........looks like something from a fairytale huh? Funny part was it actually was......I got the girl of my dreams, we're living happily together, the world is literally in our hands. Oh.....I'm Shawn by the way, I think that's kind of important to mention. And you've already seen my wife Sarya. Where we are now, a couple, is something I thought was nearly impossible a couple of years ago, but here we are!! Would you like to hear our story?? Of course you would! I remember it was yesterday......ehhh that sounds so generic, just try to keep up. A few years back, around my sophomore year of college, that's where I met the love of my life.....

Scene(Setting: college campus, students and cars roaming about, music playing from cars, Shawn continues to speak)

Shawn:.... Well I didn't know at that point. It was the beginning of a new school year, I was on my way to see my advisor about making some changes to my schedule. Now, usually when I walked around campus I would keep my headphones on so people wouldn't bother me and to tune out the world but for some reason I noticed this girl not to far ahead of me who was heading the same way that I was. Being the gentleman that I am, well at least try to be I rushed ahead of her to open the door leading into the advisory building. She looked up with a smile and said thank you..........

~freeze frame~

Shawn:....and that's where it hit me......she was so beautiful, her eyes almost melted me, and her smile was enchanting..... In my mind I knew I had to know who she was.


Shawn: I responded with a you're welcome and asked where she was headed. Dumb question, obviously she was going to see her advisor. But come to find out that we had the same advisor so no harm no foul. There was quite the line waiting to see the different advisors so when she sat down I made sure I took the seat next to her. Sitting next to her feeling awfully socially awkward I finally asked her what her name was and where she was from. She replied telling me that her name was Sarya and that she was from Maryland, which is quite a bit away from our college down in Louisiana. Our convo went on for a while, talking about different things such as majors, future goals and such. Time was flowing so easily with her at that moment, like I was under some sort of spell.....hmmmmmmm. Anyway, time was passing and it was almost her turn to see the advisor. When she was getting ready for her turn up I knew that I had to make a move, fighting through another awkward fit I asked for her number in hopes that we could have other conversations and what not. And this the first low and/or awkward moment in the story.

Sarya: ummm I actually have a boyfriend, and I don't think that would be a good idea at this time, I'll see you around though, it was nice talking to you.
Shawn: oh that's cool, I understand. I don't want to step on any toes or anything, I'll catch you later.
*end dialogue

Shawn: Yea that was a very low point, low because I didn't get her number and never knew if I'd see her again.......and awkward because that's when I remembered that I had a girlfriend at the time......oops. Don't judge me. Back to the story, that was my 1st encounter with Sarya, was praying that it wouldn't be my last and thank God that it wasn't. We actually had a few classes together and used that time to talk when we could. As the semester went on my relationship came to an end but Sarya was still invested in her relationship so I did what came natural, look around, I started spending time with different sorts if girls that I would encounter around campus. The quote unquote bad girls, you know the ones that aren't good for you but we still want them anyway.....c'mon guys admit it, your wives/girlfriends are probably giving you that look right now and you know which look I'm talking about. Anyway......something magical ended up happening, Sarya ended up giving me her number!! You couldn't believe the excitement on my face when she 1st text me, it was only about class but still, it was a step in the right direction....made me feel really good. I was still messing with the other girls but there was a special flame lighting up for miss Sarya....sad to say it went unnoticed by me...don't get me wrong I like her but she was a "good girl" and she was in a relationship and something about these other girls just excited me. I look back and see that as me being immature in my ways of thinking, chasing the the flesh that I wanted, instead of the spirit I needed but I digress. Sarya and her boyfriend eventually broke up after he decided to move on instead of continuing a long distance relationship with her. She took it pretty hard but I did my part to try to comfort her. Looking back this is the 2nd low point of the story, instead of focusing on her I continued to chase skirts. Stupid Shawn, stupid, stupid, stupid.....ehhh it's OK though, it all works out in the end. Sarya and I started talking more and more and as a result my eyes started opening more and more as the semester progressed. I realized how I was slacking in my school work because I was always going out and missing classes, just no sort of focus at that point in time but it wasn't to late to turn it around. The real eye-opening moment for me was when my roommate, a guy who became like a brother to me; Gerard, pulled me to the side and said.


Gerard: Hey man with all due respect, you have a great girl, woman even, sitting right there and you're treating her like a sister. All while you are chasing these girls you know aren't good for uou.

*end dialogue*

Shawn: Wasn't much of a conversation but the impact was definitely there. I was so blinded by the world around me that I was about to let something amazing slip from my fingertips. After that I started putting more effort into school work and stopped going out. I really wanted to reach out to Sarya more as the semester was coming to a close. We were still chatting constantly almost everyday but before you know it the time to pack up for the summer had come. I managed to salvage most of my GPA but the only thing on my mind was Ms. Anderson and the possibility of "what if?". I spent the beginning of my summer working but mostly thinking about Sarya and about half way through it I finally balled up enough to call her and tell her how I felt.

Shawn: Hey, what's up?
Sarya: Hey, just back home spending time with the family. What about yourself?
Shawn: Just got home from work not to long ago, resting up before I go in tomorrow.
Sarya: Oh OK, cool cool.
Shawn: Yea...hey Sarya there's something I wanted to talk to you about.
Sarya: Yea, sure, what's up?
Shawn: uhhhhh..........this is kind of.......difficult. But I realized something that I really need to address.
Sarya: Which is?......
Shawn: (sigh)........ I like you.... A lot. There's really not a moment that goes by that I don't think about you. I don't know if this comes to you as a surprise but damn.....I think you're amazing. I know we started off as friends and I value our friendship but......I'd love the chance to take you out.....and maybe work something out.....
Sarya:...Shawn... That's sweet.... But I'm attending another school next semester. I was offered a better opportunity elsewhere and I don't want to go through another long distance relationship for reasons I'm sure you understand. I'm sorry.
Shawn: You're leaving?!?! *under his breathe: So I am to late...*
Sarya: Yea, I have to do what's best for me, ya know?
Shawn: ahhh....I understand and respect that. I'm gonna miss you. But I wish you luck and success in every endeavor that you embark in.
Sarya: Thanks, same to you. We'll be in touch.
Shawn: Bet.

*end dialogue*

Shawn: You probably guessed it but that was the third low point if this story. At this point I thought there was no chance of anything happening. And to make it worse, my head kept telling me that if you would have realized sooner she might still be here. I had never in my life met someone who was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside....and now she was gone..... Just like that. A possible future, maybe even a family just slipped from my grasp because I was to blind to grab the treasure when it was right in front of me. I never really forgave myself for that moment in life. But I had to try to get over it. After that time of depression, Sarya and I actually kept in contact. In fact, we were talking more often, still friends but my feelings for her were still as strong as ever and it felt like our bond got even stronger as time went by. I could talk to her about anything and she inspired me to do things that others didn't support. I grew to love her.....ha, I actually fell in love with someone that I never been with. Even though we were at different schools we would still see each other a couple of times, either I'd make the trip to see her or vice versa, bought her gifts and did any little thing I could to make her smile or lift her when she had a bad day.

~freeze frame~
Shawn: thinking back to the the song I was singing on our wedding day, it really does hold a lot if value within it. I went through some tough times as well, Sarya and I discussed some of them but there are other times that I'd rather not have my loved ones aware of.


Shawn: Man, thinking of things I went through. That semester after Sarya departed was hellish for me. Even though I improved my GPA it still wasn't enough for it to not affect my financial aid. I actually spent the first couple of weeks of that semester homeless.....Yea......homeless. Didn't have enough financial aid at the time to afford housing so I had to sleep in my car. It was pretty miserable but I didn't complain besides my pride wouldn't allow me to tell anyone of what I was going through. Eventually a scholarship kicked in and I was able to get a room so things were looking up at that moment but somewhere down the line something just went wrong..... A deep depression took over, thoughts of suicide emerged, traces of hope had completely vanished. Only a few thoughts kept me sane: my family and that giant "What if?" With Sarya. More semesters went by, different obstacles occurred. Failed relationships on both sides, another lackluster school performance pushed my graduation date back which evoked more depression. The world around me just seemed to be caving in. At that time I didn't share with Sarya what was going on, one part pride and another part fear kept those thoughts dormant while talking to her. Looking back that probably wasn't the best move but it's to late for regrets or anything of that nature. But she always had the sense of knowing when something was wrong no matter how much I tried to hide it. She always was that angelic person, trying to make sure I was OK and letting me know that I could always talk to her. Despite the ups and downs I was content with life and where I stood. But the came graduation time, for Sarya not I. You'd think that'd be a joyous time but for a reason I'm still not to sure of it wasn't. She told me the date even mailed me an invitation to the event but out of nowhere this jealousy, this anger came out of nowhere. Maybe it was due to me not graduating, possibly even me upset that she was doing so well without me being there or at least being that person for her. I don't know, I may never know, but I do know that graduation time arose and I was a no show. In fact I stopped contacting her, I just couldn't do it. Maybe that was it, maybe I felt that she was taking another step out of my life and my spirit just could not take that happening. It wasn't even that long ago but that period was so dark I can't put in to words how I was feeling. Time went on, days, weeks, and months with no conversations between Sarya and I. I thought about her everyday but what do you say to a person that you let down like that? Someone you cared about so much......and then you just up and disappear.....that's not love, that's abandonment. After some rigorous thinking and prayer I finally reached out to Sarya months down the road. Even though text message I can feel how upset she was....

Shawn: Hey Sarya, congratulations on graduating. I know I should've been there but for some reason I couldn't bring myself there. I'm sorry for not even replying to your messages and not being a real friend. I suppose I just got jealous due to my short comings and the idea of you graduating really tore me apart. That was really selfish of me and unlike me but I want to ask for your forgiveness because I need your friendship. Hit me up at your earliest convenience.

~ a couple hours later ~

Sarya: You know I was wondering what happened to you, I sent the invitation and I told you about it but never got a reply. I mean I guess I can understand where you're coming from but I can't say that it's something that I'm used too. It'll take some time before things get back to the way that they were. I'll talk to you another time. Bye.

*End Dialogue*

Shawn: Upon receiving that message I knew that I caused damage to someone that I really cared about. How could I be so dumb and selfish? Sarya literally meant everything to me and I did nothing to show it. I had to get us back on the same page, at any cost. Whatever work that was needed to be done to be at least friends with this women I was willing to do.
Our conversations from that point were pretty dry, messages to her earned me one-word replies, which were deserved on my end. I can tell that a form of trust was lost between us, but I had to keep trying. Slowly but surely our conversations picked up, and I started to see the side of Sarya that I had grown accustomed to. Things still weren't the same but it felt good being able to actually have a conversation with her. Chatting with her and her mother about life and prayer really inspired a change in me and actually gave me the driving force to push forward in school and graduate. That's right I got my degree and I was feeling invincible at the moment.
Wait.....I just realized something. Her mother, never told you all about us meeting each others mom. Should I tell? Might as well, it won't take long. If you recall, when Sarya and I met it was the begging of the school semester. She met my mother when my mom came to bring me the remainder of my luggage. The first thing my mama commented on was how pretty she was and how beautiful her eyes were which made us both smile, me because I could get lost in her eyes for all eternity.....but that's a different story. I met her mother not to long afterwards. It was outside of her dorm, she introduced me and at the moment I knew where Sarya got her looks from because her mother was just beautiful. We had a little tall them we all proceeded to move Sarya's belongings up to her room on the third floor. Come to find out that the elevator is long story short Sarya owes me a back rub. But back to the main story, I got my degree and Yea, everything was cool. Obviously I invited Sarya to the graduation even though I knew she couldn't make it due to her being in a different state working in her field. But I still wanted her to know that I thought about her. Alas, the post-graduation high lasted all of 3 weeks. Started having a bit of car trouble which impeded my ability to get to work on time or at all. This eventually led to a separation between my employer and myself, so now I was jobless. I went a good month until I was able to find a new job close enough to my apartment that getting there wouldn't be a hassle. I actually ended up walking to work as the car situation got critical and I ended up selling the parts for more money in my pocket. So let's pause and put this picture in your head for a second. Young woman, educated, salary job, independent, living in the city vs. Young man, educated, making minimum wage, lives in an old apartment on the bad side of town. Does that sound like a probable couple to you? Some may say yes, but at that point I even had doubts. There was no doubt that Sarya was who I wanted but it was such a long shot. Our relationship was still building back up, we had two different lifestyles, and the biggest problem was the distance between us. So foolishly....I'm ashamed to say...I started looking elsewhere. You're probably wondering where was my focus thought this whole thing but the truth is I don't even know. I was a big thinker and dreamer, along with that I always felt that things that were meant to happen are going to happen. So as much as I loved and wanted Sarya, I just couldn't sit around and wait for her or better yet have her wait for me. The biggest question around this time was 'what was on her mind?', did she see something in me worth holding on to? Like, what if we weren't meant to be? We spent our lives waiting on each other while the person that was made for us just walks on by. A messed up way to think, I know, but it was honestly what was on my mind. I actually told her that I'd always love her and if another guy takes her hand that I would be forever envious of him but still be happy that she found happiness. That's me being content to award another happiness. But I'd always be there for her, my mind was set on that.
I ended up in a relationship with a wonderful young lady; smart, ambitious, funny. Sarya found out about it and supported it, she had also been seeing a guy friend so everything was everything. To avoid going into major details have you ever heard the song 'I'd Rather' by the late great Luther Vandross? If you didn't there's a part that goes "
And then I met someone
And thought she could replace you
We got a long just fine
We wasted time because she was not you
We had a lot of fun
Though we knew we were faking"
You get the gist of what I'm saying? My mind was set on Sarya. It was kind of unfair for me to be in a relationship and thinking about someone else so I decided to end my relationship. Strange enough not to long after that Sarya's relationship broke off. Was this a sign or just pure coincidence? Who knows? But I was hopeful that it meant something could happen.
Talking with Sarya continued, we were back on that solid friend level. Lots of laughs, stories and just enjoying hearing from one another. It's tough being in the friendzone with someone you feel like you can go all the way with. Like marriage, kids, the whole shabang......(I have never until this day used that word). I often wondered what was on her mind but was a little afraid to ask her. One thing was for certain, she had no clue of exactly how much I loved her, but when I think about was my fault, because I never told least not to her face. But when you have thoughts like that, the fear of rejection starts to tap you on the shoulder. I just wanted her to complete the broken soldier that is me but I had no idea if she envisioned the same thing at this point. I needed answers but didn't want to ask the questions, the true definition of being conflicted. In regards to speaking with her, I kept cool but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't troubled. She at times sensed this in me and would ask if everything was OK...

Sarya: What's wrong?
Shawn: I'm cool, I'm cool, why what's up?
Sarya: something just seems a little off, are you sure everything is alright?
Shawn: Yea, I'm fine, no complaints on my end.
Sarya: hmmmm, well OK, just wanted to be sure that I asked.
Shawn: Thanks for caring though
Sarya: Don't mention it.
*end dialogue*

Shawn: All this time had passed and she could still read my like a book. That kind of makes sense seeing how I felt so comfortable around her. Well....talking to her. Kind of contradictory seeing how I never told her everything that was going on. The time I realized that I had to have her came at another low point for me. I was in between jobs, funds were very low and turns out my rent and my car note were due on the same day. So it was a pick your poison lose your car which will stop you from working and moving or lose where you live and take on that struggle again. Ultimately I chose to pay the car not with the little I had on hand. Now if you recall, I am a very prideful person it almost kills me to ask someone for anything. I could be half naked, fighting a raccoon for a Twinkie during a thunderstorm and wouldn't ask you for clothes food or shelter. It's very difficult for me to not be able to provide, especially if it's for myself. But wouldn't you know a convo with the girl of my dreams changed that.

Shawn: Hey Sarya
Sarya: Hey Shawn, how are you?
Shawn: You know, things could be better but I can't really complain. What about you?
Sarya: That's good to hear, and I'm doing well, just had a rough day at work but I'm off tomorrow so cheers.
Shawn: Well aren't you the lucky one.
Sarya: He he, I guess you can say that.
Shawn: Hey Sarya, I have a problem and I may need your help.
Sarya: Cool, what's up?
Shawn: ehhhh, you know this is tough for me right.
Sarya: What is?
Shawn: Asking for help.....for anything really. But especially asking for help from you.
Sarya: You need to grow out of that, it's tough for me at times but you know that you will never know what will happen when you ask, and if you don't ask you could be missing a blessing.
Shawn: True.
Sarya: So whatever it is just let me know.
Shawn: Rent is coming up and I'm running low on funds, I don't need much just enough to get to a safety point.
Sarya: OK sounds cool, just let me know if and when you need it.
Shawn: Will do.
Sarya: Take care.
*end dialogue*

Shawn: Being a man, you have the natural desire to want to be the provider, to be the driving force of a relationship but that conversation opened my to something I had overlooked time and time again. As independent as you want to be there will always be a time when you well need a shoulder to lean on. Sarya had provided that shoulder at numerous time but this time it was more personal as my livelihood was a stake. My plan was to ask her for like a little portion then get the rest from a cousin who owed me money and hope my check came in on time. When the time came closer I asked and she said she'd send it to my PayPal. Moments later I received the notification and came to tears. Sarya didn't send the amount I asked for.........she sent enough to pay the whole thing. I asked her why did she send so much and her reply was that she wanted to be sure that I was OK and not to worry about paying her back. That hit me hard but because of that moment my life took a major upswing. Better job, cheaper car insurance, bills caught up on, it was a major turning point and she was at the center. I just knew that I had to have her as my own, no matter the costs. A few months later I had finally gotten my savings up and was offered a trip to Miami beach for a vacation from my company and I decided to take it. I had more planned ahead though. I was gonna ask Sarya if she could take off that time during the summer to come enjoy the beach with me. A friendly outing but who knows maybe somehow sparks would fly, that's if she agreed to come. Which, Thank God, she did! I flew her out to Louisiana and then we caught a plane to Miami. Everything started off casual; telling jokes, taking selfies, enjoying the scenery and what not. It was really refreshing and I was overjoyed to have her there with me. That night I took her out to dinner and that's where things escalated, maybe it was the glasses of wine but at that moment I let Sarya know how I really felt.

Sarya: This is awesome, thanks for inviting me to tag along.
Shawn: Who else would I bring? If I had the choice I'd pick you every time.
Sarya: Really?
Shawn: Sarya, excuse my French, but I fucking love you. There isn't a day that goes by when you're not in my thoughts. I don't know why it was so hard for me to admit or realize at 1st but you unknowingly make my world spin. I love and value our friendship and the man upstairs knows I don't want to lose that but I can't help but hope that you and I form an 'Us'. I'm not perfect, no where close but I promise that you'll have a hard time finding someone who wants your happiness as much as I do. That's why I asked you to come here with me. I love you, and I can honestly say that I always will.......
Shawn: *starts to get up from the table* I'm guessing I caught you off guard, sorry if I....
Sarya: *Stands up and hugs Shawn* I never knew I meant so much to you, I mean......with the distance and the disconnections you were able to form these feelings...... I'm honestly not sure how to feel right now. I do care for you and have a great deal of love for you but any sort of relationship would be a huge step.
Shawn: You need to grow out of that. You won't be making this step alone....I'll be right by your side the whole way. But all I'm really asking for is a chance. Allow me to introduce you to the world that you aren't used to....
*ends dialogue

Shawn: There was an awkward silence at that point, and a lone tear fell from Sarya's eyes as she held me tighter. I wiped her eyes and slowly but surely our lips locked. It wasn't like any kiss that I had ever had before, everything felt right at that moment. I believe the seen was so passionate that the other patrons at the restaurant thought I had proposed and started clapping and whistling. I guess you can call that wishful foreseeing. Sarya and I started dating, distant at 1st but we eventually found jobs in an area that we both agreed on. Traveled across the country, just enjoying each other and trying out new things together. But the best trip was the trip back home to Louisiana. Visited my family and made a trip back to my college campus didn't really tell her the reason but I think you might see where this is going. We walked around for a bit just talking and I asked if she remembered when we first met.

Shawn: Hey babe, do you remember this area?
Sarya: Hmmm, isn't that the advisory building? It feels like its been so long.
Shawn: You're right, it's been a real long time. But I remember it like yesterday *stops walking*
Sarya: *turning back* Is something wrong?
Shawn: No, nothing is wrong. It's in fact the direct opposite of wrong.
Sarya: What does that mean?
Shawn: *kneels down and removes a small box from his jacket pocket*
Sarya: (shocked) Oh my God!
Shawn: he he, this walkway...,.this is the the exact spot I stood when I first laid eyes on you. But now at this same spot and on bended knee all I see is our future. Will you do me the honor, of being my wife?
Sarya: (crying)... Yes....yes.,.
*end dialogue*

Shawn: Some may say it was corny but I couldn't picture something more perfect than proposing to the the girl of your dreams in the same spot that you met her years down the road. It's almost like a real life fairytale. And the really history...

[Transition back to wedding scene]
{Music starts playing: officially yours}

Shawn: And that's our story, a lot of ups and down but it all led to this. I guess sometimes God will take you through hell just to get you to heaven. Just to see how bad you really want it. And look at my queen, as beautiful and wonderful as ever. But let me stop talking I'll let you all enjoy the rest of the ceremony.
~VO End~

Minister: Do you Shawn, take this woman whose hand you now hold, to be your true and wedded wife; and do you solemnly promise before God and these witnesses to LOVE, CHERISH, HONOR AND PROTECT HER: to forsake all others for her sake; to cleave unto her, and her only, until death shall part you?
Shawn: I do.
Minister: Do you Sarya, take this man who now holds your hand, to be your true and wedded husband; and do you solemnly promise before God and these witnesses to LOVE, CHERISH, HONOR AND PROTECT HIM, to forsake all others for his sake; to cleave unto him and him only, and him forever until death shall part you?
Sarya: I do.
*audience cheers*
Minister: I now pronounce you husband and .....
Shawn: wait!
Shawn: Before we kiss I want to sing a song for my queen to be. Organists hit it.
(Music plays louder)
Shawn (with choirs assistance):Hey
It's been a long time coming
Now baby, I'm officially yours
I've got so much love to give
In my heart I know you'll see
You won't believe the things I've been through to be right here
I almost died just to get to you
I'll go to hell and to hell again
I'd gladly go back and forth
From the mountaintops
From door to door
Let the whole world know
Baby I'm officially yours
What was I doing before?
I was official
(Officially yours)
Officially yours
(Na na na shoop)
Ooooh, look no further no more
Now baby,
I'm officially yours
(Now listen to me)
Time after time
I've told myself to stop this
But you take control over me
Oh, you know what to do and it's working
I guarantee it
Please believe it
Go from the mountaintops
door to door to door
and let the whole world know
Baby I'm officially yours
What was I doing before?
I was official
(Officially yours)
Officially yours
(Na na na shoop)
Ooooh, look no further no more
Now baby,
I'm officially yours
(Na na na shoop)
(Shoop x3)


****This story is based on a true story with a bit of hopeful wishing. It's written in this matter because I also plan on using it as an outline for a short film under the same title. It is also based on a song by the artist T-Pain titled 'Officially Yours'

Written by JSly11
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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