Sylvia (forest)©

I wonder if the thickness of bark can be one day softened and opened so that which is inside can be seen and smelt.
For all its beauty if that can be communed openly and enjoyed like the nostalgia at a family reunion.
God what miracles would happen.
Share with me.
And I'll produce your oxygen when life makes it hard for you to breath.
Ifonly you'd be the catalyst for my photosynthesis.
Let's make sugar sweet.
Let's explore intimacy under stars and in fields rooted in forever.
I'd like to undo strange harms demanding the breeding of oak strong enough to endure centuries of oppression.
I'll keep you entrenched in love.
Let me ground you in purpose.
I'd like to know what your purple tastes like.
In hopes that it's not grape but a surprising watermelon because what host of melanin  doesn't like watermelon.
I wanna taste the ripest part of your being.
I bet we’d feel good together our fleshy selves situated in sap swimming over and under unafraid.
I bet mistrust would vanish
Such mystery brought about by the many "what-if's" your wild imagination could create, none could have ever compared to the those brought about when faced with such unpredictability.
Let's plant seeds of faith amongst our community.
Be the Moringa Oleifera tree in my never ending woodland and my timberland will provide the same security you wasted decades to find in the woman that consistently break your heart.
The same heart I've come to aide..
My trunk is as strong as your tolerance for BS
My limbs extend endlessly and they can wrap you tighter then she ever could when you're in need of consolation.
Together we can reach out to the Unknown unafraid and stand as tall as Sequoia.
You're safe with me.
Let my annual rings prove my loyalty.
My boughs budding with youth.
Only you make it possible for me to sprout from the brown and bald land
Only you give my emerald leaves potential.
And all you have to do is water me.
Water me. And wait for prosperity to supervene
No matter how imperfect my branches grow.
Even though
We both know
My leaves will fall in the winter.
LET them be your rebirth in the spring.
Water me. And I promise that Beauty can be found in my most contorted ways.
Water me.
I thirst for your interest.
I wanna drown in your curiosities.
Just don't cut me down.
Written by MotDi (ConcubinaSumisa)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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