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11:17 PM Aug 1 2016        
getting kind of groggy        
the mind a wee bit foggy        
mumbling incoherence        
i'm stumbling        
at the edge of consciousness        
she comes to me..        
as she have been          
for quite some time        
again and again        
amidst that piercing winter breeze        
of my ebony-laced soul        
as my luminous kindred creature        
squirming all inside my nuclei          
i revel in anticipation        
awaiting what forthcoming revelations          
this lucid dreamscape        
may yet yield        
roaming this realm        
as the ultimate voyeur        
in complete reverence of a woman        
who exudes femininity like rare vintage        
galvanizing my masculine approach        
to all things her        
thus magnifying her womanliness        
in return..        
causing  expansion of my visionary self        
revealing our affinity for        
Infinity's endless game of touche'        
she is the living museum collection          
of hidden memorabilia        
i wander tirelessly hoping to decipher        
each and every shelved antique        
one by one        
to get some kinda grasp        
..some kinda glimpse of          
what it is to be        
just her..        
i can sense her        
smiling affectionately        
knowing i as a man can only fail        
at such a daunting task        
of gathering all the molecules          
of her entire        
but i'm willing fail in glorious fashion        
in sculpting the most imperfect        
yet genuine figurine        
as i am restless with my hands..        
reckless with my tongue at times..        
clumsy with my emotional immaturity        
agitating her emotional insecurities..        
we can be like erratic abstract art        
constantly teetering between        
turbulence and tranquility..        
yet never losing the US factor        
tediously tethered by a bond        
that transcends what's considered        
'traditional' entwinements        
of love..          
if there is such a thing..        
...and we dance and dance        
and we dance        
my mystic muse and eye        
under the brisk          
and engaging ambiance        
of these winter winds        
to the tune of our skipping heartbeats        
as i listen to her rock my soul        
with loving lullabies        
til her aura dissipates        
and eye phade once again        
back to blaque...        
4:09 AM Aug 2 2016        
I awake        
emotionally hungover        
from transcendence        
to the sound of her ambrosial voice        
and there she is        
my enigmatic genie        
bottled up in    
extrasensory flesh and bone        
my extravaganza made tangible        
all there is left now        
is for us to create that precious moment        
within the confines of this continuum        
to reach out and touch        
one another  
close the gap       
and watch words          
perform disappearing acts        
between the engulfing folds of limbs        
as we commune through        
extraterrestrial eye contact        
refusing to breathe in anything        
but the exclusive air of        
our very own phenomena...        
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 6th Oct 2016
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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