Mumble Jumble Jim and the porcupine / The Black Book Period - Division Marker  (***FILLER and NON-FILLER***)

1)  The Trance (part ii)

Madman: Oh my darling, I wish you were there...
               This insane gradient keeps me open to the night...
               You’ll never know I was Here.

RV Wife: What’s he doing?

RV Husband: He’s talking to himself.

Madman: Oh good, the tourists have arrived...
               Time to... put on a show...

RV Wife: He’s stopped...  What’s he doing now?
              He’s just standing there.

RV Husband: Look at his eyes... It’s like they aren’t there...
                     It’s like... he... isn’t there...

RV Wife: I don’t know dear... I don’t like it.

RV Husband: We better call the police...

[“Dispatch to all units, we have a CODE-WHITE in progress. Suspect is on foot, last seen heading northbound along the center ditch of I-95. Suspect is wearing a long, black monk’s robe. Suspect appears to be dangerous.”]

Madman: Oh hello there, officer...
           I’m not violent...
           Guess I was obstructing the general pace of things...

Officer: It’s time you came with us...
           Get in the car.      

Will they get me, or will I get them?
I have assembled in these last few hours,
A scattering of what I once collected.
The twists of light, by my eyes, still deceive me,
My words, and their closed ears, still conceive me.
I have left the land of laughter and loose curses,
To chant verses finer and more serene.
I have seen the ways of the dead, the ways of the beasts,
I have seen the Light, and Its’ absolute darkness;
I have hid from the shadows in a choice of silence,
And seen that when all voices are dropped,
The Kingdom is finally found and protected,
The Infinite is permitted to be at ease.

Now I must return as a new creature in the illusion of salvation,
And untangle the doubt my mind has left in others...

Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
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